Hockey WC: Madhuri Dixit, AR Rahman to perform at opening ceremony

The 90-minute long opening ceremony for the Hockey World Cup will celebrate the theme of oneness and a united world.

While Madhuri Dixit will play the role of Mother Earth in a dance ballad, A.R. Rahman will perform the official song of the Hockey World Cup, 'Jai India', at the opening ceremony on November 27.

Actor Madhuri Dixit will perform a dance ballad along with 1100 artists from across the world during the opening ceremony of the Hockey World Cup in Bhubaneswar on November 27.

To celebrate the theme of oneness and a united world, the organisers have roped in performers from across the globe for the 40-minute performance titled 'The Earth Song'.

Around 800 youth from Odisha, who are first-time dancers, will also be part of the ballad.

Nupur Mahajan, writer and director of The Earth Song, and creative director of the Opening Ceremony said, “For a writer who wants to break the mould, the people of Odisha present the perfect audience. Their inclusive approach together with the cultural and aesthetic edge is the perfect reason to bypass formulaic ceremonies and create something original, and intellectual.

"Also sport is where all divides converge around a shared passion and it is the perfect canvas to engage the world in the message of a united world. And talking of oneness, where else can Mother Earth rise but India, a land which symbolises oneness in diversity.”

The story of The Earth Song is told by Mother Earth, played by Madhuri Dixit.

The opening ceremony will also see the culmination of the campaign 'HeartBeatsFor Hockey', with actor Shah Rukh Khan presenting the collected heart beats of India to the 16 captains.

A.R. Rahman will perform the official song ‘Jai India’ and some of his other memorable compositions including the Oscar-winning song 'Jai Ho'. The overall duration of the ceremony is 90 minutes.

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