Hello and welcome to Sportstar 's LIVE blog of the Pro Kabaddi League matches at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune. Dabang Delhi K.C. battles Bengal Warriors to kick off Inter-Zone Challenge week even as Puneri Paltan takes on Bengaluru Bulls in the second match.



25-27 Kashiling goes for a last-ditch toe-touch but he can't wriggle out of trouble here! What a match, what a win for Puneri Paltan!

25-26 Nitin Tomar with an empty raid.

25-26 Kashiling Adake gets the bonus point and Puneri Paltan review the call. This just adds to the drama. What a review this is by Puneri, no bonus for Bengaluru Bulls.

Time out called by Bengaluru Bulls. 1:12 left on the clock.

25-26 Anand is tackled down and Puneri regain the lead.

25-25 What a crucial tackle! Nitin Tomar misses the mid line by a narrow margin! It took three defenders to pull him back.

23-25 Kashiling Adake doesn't get a touch on his raid.

23-25 Empty raid from Nitin Tomar.

Time out called with 3:22 on the clock.

23-25 Nitin Tomar adds to the lead with a touch on the raid.

23-24 Pawan Sehrawat is taken down by Puneri defenders charging in from all corners.

23-23 Akshay Jadhav with a successful raid despite an ankle grab on him.

23-21 Just as Nitin Tomar was about to escape he is hauled back in on his raid.

22-21 Kashiling is taken down on his do-or-die raid.

22-20 Third time unlucky for Akshay Jadhav. He is tackled and that's an all-out on Puneri Paltan.

19-19 Monu concedes a point to Pawan Sherawat.

18-19 Akshay Jadhav, yet again, gets a point.

17-16 Ravi Kumar races out to hold on to Pawan Sherawat but only manages to get a touch on him.

16-16 Akshay Jadhav helps revive two teammates by forcing two defenders out.

16-13 Rohit Kumar manages to draw a touch from the left corner defender.

14-12 Rajesh Mondal is unsuccessful in his do-or-die raid.

13-12 Super tackle on Pawan Sehrawat. Bengaluru reviews the decision and is unsuccessful.


13-10 Kashiling's successful raid gives Bengaluru the edge heading into the first half break.

12-10 Nitin Tomar is tackled down.

11-10 Rohit Kumar with a do-or-die raid point.

10-10 Rajesh Mondal gets a point on the do-or-die raid.

9-9 Sandeep and Ashish inflict a super tackle on Nitin Tomar.

7-9 Pawan Sehrawat goes for an acrobatic escape but he can't escape the clutches of the Paltan defenders.

7-7 Kashiling is tackled down after a failed scorpion kick.

7-6 Pawan Sehrawat with a successful raid, getting a touch on the right corner defender.

6-6 Kashiling Adake gets himself free off an ankle grab to reach the mid-point line.

5-6 Jasmer Gulia goes out of the court. One point from Nitin Tomar's raid.

5-4 Big cheers for Nitin Tomar as he comes for his raid and he doesn't disappoint. He picks up a point on an one-on-one challenge.

4-2 Monu gets a touch on Ashish Sangwan.

4-1 Pawan Shrawat with a touch down the centre and makes the run for it.

3-1 Rohit Kumar with an empty raid for the Bulls.

1-1 Monu levels the score with a touch point for Puneri Paltan.

Here's the line-up

Puneri Paltan: Nitin Tomar, Girish Maruti Ernak, Ravi Kumar, Rajesh Mondal, Monu, Shubham Shinde, Rinku Narwal

Subs: Akshay Jadhav, Deepak Kumar, More GB, Sandeep, Sanjay Shrestha

Bengaluru Bulls: Pawan Sehrawat, Ashish Sangwan, Mahender Singh, Kashiling Adake, Rohit Kumar, Jasmer Gulia, Sandeep

Subs: Ajay, Anand V, Sumit Singh, Gyung Tae Kim, Ankit

Puneri Paltan will take on Bengaluru Bulls in the second encounter of the night.

Puneri Paltan vs Bengaluru Bulls

30-39 Ran Singh picks up three points in the last raid of the match. First loss of the season for Bengal Warriors. Dabang Delhi's defence proves superior on the night picking up 10 tackle points to Warriors' two.

26-39 Jang Lee is tackled over to the lobbies.

26-37 Delhi overturn the decision with a review and picks up super tackle points.

Dabang Delhi appears error prone at the moment. Another defensive mistake hands Maninder an easy point.

23-34 Jang Kun with another two-point raid.

21-34 Naveen Kumar gets two touches himself for Delhi and that's 10 points on the evenings for the raider.

21-32 Jang Kun Lee crawls his way out of trouble and gets two touches on his raid

19-32 Maninder Singh is once again tackled down. He has been successful only on five occasions out of his 10 raids.

18-30 Ran Singh gets a touch with his raid.

Time out is called.

17-30 Naveen with a toe touch on Mahesh Goud!

17-28 Maninder Singh returns to only go back to the bench with an unsuccessful raid.

16-27 Chandran Ranjit can't work his magic this time around. He runs straight into Bengal Warriors' defence.

15-27 Now Maninder Singh too falls victim to Dabang Delhi's defence.

15-26 Mahesh Goud is tackled down at the restart.

15-25 Chandran Ranjit with super raid for Dabang Delhi! He forces two defenders into the lobbies before getting two touches! That's an all-out inflicted on Bengal Warriors.

15-18 Jang Kun catches the bonus line but Delhi calls for a review convinced the raider had stepped into the lobbies on his return. He narrowly creeps into the lobbies. Jang is off to the bench.

14-18 Delhi's Joginder Narwal goes for an ankle grab on Mahesh Goud and is successful!

14-17 It appears that Warriors' Mahesh Goud gets a touch of the defender's hair. Delhi manages to get the decision overturned on review.

14-17 Naveen Kumar picks up a bonus point.

14-16 Jang Kun gets a touch on his raid for the Warriors.

Second half

13-16 First half ends as Delhi stages a comeback after Bengal stayed in the lead for quite some time there. Warriors' defence have let them down.

13-16 Lee's pace gifts him two points. Gets the bonus and drags the right corner along with him to the other side in a flash.

11-16 Maninder does a Ziaur. Walks himself OUT!

11-15 Naveen Kumar comes back with an empty raid.

10-14 Shrikant Tewtia commits a defensive error again. Gifts a point to Delhi in the process.

10-13 Surjeet puts up a one-man show as he pins Ranjit down.

9-13 Ziaur Rahman goes out again. This time, has been specifically hunted down by Ranjit, though.

9-12 ALL-OUT! Shrikant Tewtia comes in for the raid and walks straight into the hands of Joginder Narwal. Bonus line active but opportunity unutilised..

8-7 Naveen Kumar with a sheer show of brilliance in the "Do-or-Die" raid. The Warriors are left shocked as Naveen pockets two points to bring Delhi into contention again.

8-5 Surjeet Singh comes up with an empty raid.

6-5 Ran Singh trying to get an ankle hold as Chandran Ranjit pulls off an athletic leap to get him out. That's the first raid point for Ranjit tonight.

6-4 Mahesh picks up two points. The right cover and left corner, who generally initiate the tackle, go back to the bench.

4-4 Ziaur Rahman OUT! He has not contributed much to the side this year. Accidentally stepped out of the court line.

4-3 Mahesh comes in for a raid again. The bonus line is active but Mahesh does not go for it.

2-1 Naveen Kumar gets Surjeet. Absolutely unnecessary move from Surjeet there, as he stepped out unsupported.

2-0 After three empty raids, Mahesh picks out left corner Pahal.

1-0 Maninder Singh kickstarting proceedings here at Pune, to stay happy with the bonus point.

Dabang Delhi K.C. wins the toss and selects the Choice of court.