PKL 2018-19 Highlights: U Mumba thrashes Jaipur, Bengal beats Telugu Titans

U Mumba routed Jaipur Pink Panthers 48-24 to go top of the Zone A standings, while Bengal's defensive solidity helped it beat Telugu Titans 30-25.

Telugu Titans' Rahul Chaudhari in action against Bengal Warriors.   -  Nagara Gopal

Bengal Warriors vs Telugu Titans


30-25 Abozar Mighani spends the final 15 seconds near the midline as Telugu Titans' skipper looked to seal the one point from the match. Bengal Warriors has been superb defensively with the tackle points exceeding the raid points 14-11 and another underwhelming performance by the raiding department of Telugu Titans has let the team down. Bengal pips Patna Pirates to the third position while Titans maintains its third place in the Zone B points table.

30-23 Baldev Singh gets his High 5 with a tackle on Rahul Chaudhari.

29-23 Rahul Chaudhari gets Surjeet on his raid and Maninder spends his 30 second raid time to complete an empty raid.

29-22 Mohsen Maghsoudlou tries a weak ankle hold on Maninder and the raider gets back to the midline easily.

28-22 Rahul Chaudhari get his seventh raid point of the match with a running-hand touch on Ziaur Rahman.

28-19 Amit Nagar tries to tackle Rahul Chaudhari and Titans gets a revival.

26-19 Super tackle for the Titans as Maninder is taken out by Mohsen Maghsoudlou and Krushna Madane.

26-17 Mohsen Maghsoudlou gets a point back for Titans with a raid point.

25-16 Abozar has a self-out and the Titans cannot prevent Maninder to reach the half line. It looked like a super tackle and an all out, but the referee says just one point.

25-16 Rakshith goes out after a failed ankle hold on Amit Nagar, who tackles Manoj Kumar after the raid to get his third point of the match.

23-16 Amit Nagar takes out Rahul Chaudhari and prevents him from getting his fifth point of the match.

20-16 Farhad Milaghardan gets a superb tackle on Maninder to reduce the points gap.

20-15 Rahul Chaudhari gets Surjeet this time as Telugu Titans looks to come back into the match.

20-14 Adarsh on the left corner is taken out by Rahul Chaudhari with a running-hand touch.

19-13 Rahul Chaudhari gets his first touch point of the match after he takes out Ziaur Rahman.

18-12 First all out of the match as Ran Singh takes out Farhad Milaghardan and Nilesh Salunkhe.

14-11 Mohsen Maghsoudlou tries a poor ankle hold on Maninder and Bengal stretches the lead to three points.


13-11 Nilesh Salunkhe gets a bonus point with the final raid of the half and it has been a intense competition between the both defences. Most of the first half has been played on Do-or-Die raids, but both Maninder and Rahul Chaudhari have been quiet in the match.

13-10 Rahul Chaudhari goes for the bonus but makes it very easy for Baldev to get an ankle hold on him. A very ordinary game for the star raider.

12-10 A super tackle by Farhad Milaghardhan on Maninder gives Telugu Titans two points.

12-8 Rahul Chaudhari gets a bonus point after Maninder takes out Krushna Madane and Abozar Mighani.

10-7 Ran Singh catches Manoj Kumar with a thigh hold and another Do-or-Die raid fails for Telugu Titans.

9-7 It is a battle of defences as Jang Kun Lee is taken out by Manoj Kumar's superb ankle hold.

9-6 Baldev Singh comes up with an ankle hold to take out Nilesh Salunke.

8-5 Another failed raid for Moshen Maghsoudlou as Surjeet gets a waist hold on the raider and tackles him to the ground.

7-5 Abozar Mighani gets a perfect ankle hold to take out Jang Kun Lee.

7-4 Rahul Chaudhari goes for the right cover as Surjeet tackles him easily.

6-2 Mohsen Maghsoudlou is put in a double-ankle hold by Adarsh on the right corner.

3-2 Krushna Madane plays smart and gets a touch on Jang Kun Lee with a pursuit on the raider going back into his own half.

2-0 Mohsen Maghsoudlou is tackled by Adarsh on the right cover after Maninder raids successfully.


Matches – 11 | Bengal Warriors – 6 | Telugu Titans -3 | Tie - 3

  • Bengal Warriors lead the head-to-head battle with 6 wins from their 11 games.
  • Bengal got the better of Telugu Titans in their first meeting of PKL 6 30-25.
  • Maninder Singh was the best player of the match and got 11 raid points.
  • The Bengal defense made life very hard for the Telugu raiders as it scored just 10 raid points in that match which is the team's lowest in PKL 6.
  • Rahul Chaudhari managed to score just 2 raid points in 12 raids that too came through bonus.
  • Abozar and Vishal led Titans defence well with 5 and 4 tackle points respectively.
  • Bengal Warriors in PKL 6: Won 3, Lost 2 and Tied 2. Its last match against UP Yoddha ended in a tie.
  • Telugu Titans in PKL 6: Won 4, Lost 2 and Tied 1. Titans tied its last match against UP Yoddha as well.

U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink Panthers


48-24 Anil goes back with an empty raid to run down the clock and U Mumba goes to the top of Zone A with a spectacular performance at home. Fazel Atrachali gets a High 5, Abhishek Singh gets his Super Ten. Jaipur will stay at the bottom of Zone A with 12 points.

47-23 Siddharth Desai is unsuccessful on his first raid of the match as the NSCI Indoor Stadium goes silent.

47-22 Anand Patil has a Super Raid as he takes out Surender, Rohit Rana and pinches the bonus line.

47-19 Darshan Kadian takes out the remaining two Jaipur players with his latest raid and its the fourth all out of the match for U Mumba.

43-19 Super Ten for Abhishek Singh as he gets back with two touch points.

41-19 Fazel Atrachali is all smiles after reaching his High 5, his second of the season, by taking down Anand Patil.

40-19 Amit Kumar is put in an ankle hold by Surender and Fazel Atrachali holds the raider's hand from crossing the midline.

39-18 A double-ankle hold by Surender takes Deepak Hooda off the mat.

38-18 Deepak Hooda's raid and Young Chang Ko's super tackle get Jaipur four consecutive points.

38-14 Vinod Kumar gets an ankle hold on Amit Kumar on the left corner.

37-13 Surender is taken on the right cover by Amit Kumar.

35-12 Abhishek Singh gets a bonus point, but Anup Kumar's Do-or-Die raid is unsuccessful after he is tackled by Vinod Kumar on the right cover.

34-12 First failed attempt by Fazal Atrachali as his Anup Kumar escapes his ankle hold and gets a point for Jaipur.

34-10 Anup Kumar with yet another empty raid as Jaipur looks to play on Do-or-Die raid.

33-10 Anup Kumar makes an empty raid as Darshan Kadian gets a touch on Young Chang Ko.

31-9 Third all out for Mumbai as Abhishek Singh makes a successful tackle and a successful raid.

27-8 Darshan Kadian takes out Sandeep Dhull with his first raid of the second-half.


26-8 Fazel Atrachali has taken four tackle points from the first half and Jaipur is staring at a third all out of the match with Abhishek Singh and Vinod Kumar running riot with their raids.

25-8 Vinod Kumar takes two more Jaipur players as Anup Kumar gets a bonus point.

23-6 Selvamani gets a point for Jaipur, but Abhishek takes out two more Jaipur defenders to take his raid tally to 6.

19-4 Abhishek Singh's latest raid is successful and Mumbai gets its second all out of the game. Jaipur in deep trouble.

15-4 Abhishek Singh is off in a flash and gets a running-hand touch on Young Chang Ko.

13-4 Fazel Atrachali puts Deepak Hooda in a neck hold and tackles him to the ground.

12-4 Deepak Hooda gets a bonus point for Jaipur.

12-3 Mohit Chhillar oversteps the midline as Nitin Rawal's hold on Darshan Kadian is deemed illegal.

10-3 Mumbai has taken the big lead with the first all out of the game as Darshan Kadian takes out the remaining players of Jaipur.

4-2 Rohit Rana blocks Deepak Hooda with a double-thigh hold and Dharmaraj Cheralathan comes to his aid at the right time.

3-2 Defences get the better of Abhishek Singh and Anup Kumar as both teams add a point each.

2-1 Deepak Hooda and Vinod Kumar come back with empty raids, but Selvamani is tackled by the Mumbai defence


U Mumba: Darshan Kadian, Surender Singh, Rohit Rana, Vinod Kumar, Abhishek Singh, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Fazel Atrachali

Subs: Abolfazl Maghsodlou, Anil, Gaurav Kumar, Rohit Baliyan, Siddharth Desai

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Deepak Hooda, Sunil Siddhgavali, Young Chang Ko, Anup Kumar, Selvamani K, Mohit Chhillar, Nitin Rawal

Subs: Amit Kumar, Anand Patil, Lokesh Kaushik, Sandeep Dhull, Santhapanaselvam



Matches – 13 | U Mumba – 7 | Jaipur Pink Panthers – 5 | Tie – 1

  • U Mumba has defeated Jaipur Pink Panthers in 7 of the 12 encounters in PKL and Jaipur has defeated U Mumba 5 times, with 1 tie between the two.
  • Their last 4 encounters have been shared with each team winning twice.
  • It was U Mumba who won its first meeting in PKL 6, winning 39-32
  • Siddharth Desai scored 13 raid points for U Mumba with Rohit Baliyan chipping in 7.
  • Fazel Atrachali was the leading tackle point scorer for U Mumba with 3 tackle points, while Surender, Rajaguru and Vinod Kumar have score 2 tackle points each.
  • Nitin Rawal was the best raider for Jaipur with 7 raid points. Jaipur overall scored only 14 raid points in this match.
  • Mohit Chhillar and Sandeep Dhull have scored 3 tackle points each in the game, while no other player managed more than 1 tackle pt in the game from Jaipur.
  • U Mumba PKL 6: 6 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie. Won their last match against Puneri Paltan by 9 points.
  • U Mumba are on a 3-match winning streak.
  • Jaipur Pink Panthers PKL 6: 2 wins, 5 losses. Won last match against Haryana Steelers by 6 points.
  • Jaipur’s both wins this season came against Haryana Steelers.