BWF World Championships Day 3 Highlights: Prannoy beats Momota in straight games, Satwik-Chirag, Lakshya win; Srikanth, Ashwini-Shikha lose

Get the highlights of day three action of the BWF World Championships 2022 from the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Updated : Aug 24, 2022 17:30 IST

Lakshya Sen returns a shot against Luis Enrique Penalver in his second-round match of the BWF World Championships 2022 in Tokyo on August 24, 2022.
Lakshya Sen returns a shot against Luis Enrique Penalver in his second-round match of the BWF World Championships 2022 in Tokyo on August 24, 2022. | Photo Credit: Badmintonphoto | Courtesy of BWF

Lakshya Sen returns a shot against Luis Enrique Penalver in his second-round match of the BWF World Championships 2022 in Tokyo on August 24, 2022. | Photo Credit: Badmintonphoto | Courtesy of BWF

Welcome to Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of day three action of the BWF World Championships 2022.

  • Prannoy beat Momota 21-17, 21-16 in straight games and entered the pre-quarterfinals.
  • 12th seed Kidambi Srikanth, last edition’s silver medallist, goes down to a lower-ranked Zhao Jun Peng in straight games (21-9,21-17) in the second round.
  • Lakshya Sen registers his second straight win in the BWF World Championships 2022. The Indian no. 1 shuttler beats Luis Enrique Penalver 21-11, 21-15.
  • Gayatri Gopichand and Treesa Jolly’s campaign end after they lose to Pearly Tan and Thinaah Muralitharan. The Malaysians beat the Indians 21-8, 21-17 for the third time this month.
  • A disappointing day for the Indians so far as Pooja-Sanjana and Ashwini-Sikki both bowed out after losing to Lee-Shin and Chen-Jia respectively.
  • Unseeded Indian men’s doubles pair of Dhruv Kapila and M.R Arjun is through to the third round after upsetting eighth seed Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup. The Danes lost to the Indians in straight games (21-17, 21-16).
H.S. Prannoy vs Kento Momota
  • Prannoy beats Momota 21-17, 21-16 and enters the pre-quarterfinals.
  • Match point for Prannoy. He leads 20-16.
  • Prannoy leads 19-16. Just two points away from a win.
  • The tale of the match in the second game is similar to what happened in the first. Despite Momota going to 10, Prannoy is still five points ahead at the moment.
  • Prannoy and Momota level 4-4 in the second game.
  • Prannoy wins the first game 21-17, taking a lead in the match.
  • Momota tries to test the Indian with shots on either side of the court, but Prannoy survives the rally in style, ending it with a point in his favour and leaving Momota on the ground.
  • Momota is trying to make a comeback and reduces the points deficit from four points to just one point
  • Prannoy is on an 11-7 advantage in the first game. He is engaging Kento in rallies and earning points with smashes
  • Booming smash from Prannoy. He takes 8-5 lead over Kento in the first game.
  • H.S. Prannoy is now in action against Kento Momota
Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty vs Jonathan Solis-Anibal Marroqui
  • Some fights come from the Guatemalans in the second game. But that doesn’t trouble Satwik and Chirag much. The Indians are through to the third round with an easy win in their first outing in the World Championships. They beat Jonathan Solis and Anibal Marroqui 21-10, 21-8. Satwik and Chirag got a bye in the first round.
  • Satwik and Chirag take 9-4 lead in the second game
  • An easy 21-8 win in the first game for Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty against Guatemalan pair Joanthan and Anibal
Ashwini Bhat-Shikha Gautam vs Kim So Yeong-Kong Hee Yong
  • End of the road for Ashwini and Shikha. The fourth seed Kim So Yeong-Kong Hee Yong progresses to the third round with a fighting win 21-5, 18-21, 21-13 over the Indian pair Ashwini Bhat-Shikha Gautam.
  • In a swift transition, the Korean pair wins seven consecutive points and wraps up the third game 21-13.
  • Smashes and net shots, Koreans are mixing them well and making things hard for Ashwini and Shikha. So Yeong and Hee Yong are now close to winning with an 18-10 lead.
  • So Yeong and Hee Yong are desperate for points and take the lead to 15-8 in the third game.
  • 21-18. Ashwini and Shikha fight back and take the match into the third game. In the third game, they look confident and fighting for win against So Yeong and Hee Yong
  • Ashwini and Shikha are fighting and pushing the Koreans to the edge. The score is level at 11-11 in the second game.
  • 5-5. Indians level the score.
  • The second game begins. Some resistance from Ashwini and Shikha. But the Koreans are forcing them to make mistakes. Shikha fails to return a forehand smash. 5-4 lead for So Yeong and Hee Yong
  • 21-5. So Yeong and Hee Yong win the first game. Ashwini and Shikha hardly challenge them. The gulf between their experience is evident.
  • Ashwini and Shikha earn four points. Koreans are leading the game 15-4. They are well in course of taking the lead.
  • It’s one-way traffic in the first game. So Yeong and Hee Yong are racing away with an 11-2 lead at mid game interval

Women’s doubles pair Ashwini Bhat-Shikha Gautam is currently in action

H.S. Prannoy vs Kento Momota

The match between Kento Momota, the second seed, and H.S. Prannoy, the world no. 18, could be a humdinger of a contest.

The Japanese shuttler, on paper, is the favourite against Prannoy. He enjoys a massive 8-0 head-to-head record against the Indian shuttler. But it is their recent performances that make the matter delicate.

Kento, the two-time World Champion, has no World Tour title to his credit this season, while Prannoy has put up an inspiring performance in India’s historic Thomas Cup win in May. Prannoy is also known for his giant-killing act.

H.S. Prannoy and the men’s doubles pair of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty will be in action shortly. Stay tuned for more updates.

Zhao Jun Peng upsets Kidambi Srikanth

It’s all over for Srikanth. A competitive second game, but Jen Peng seals it in his favour and progresses to the third round. He beats a higher-ranked Srikanth coming from behind in the second game. The 26-year-old wins the match 21-9, 21-17.

20-17. Match point opportunity for Jun Peng. Srikanth hits the net while trying to return a sly forehand from Jen Pung.

Srikanth concedes 16-17 lead to Jun Peng. Time is running out for Srikanth. He doesn’t deserve to concede any more points to the Chinese shuttler from this stage.

Jun Peng equals parity at 16-16 in the second game.

Three successive points for Srikanth. He is leading the second game 14-13. He is looking calmer. But the world no. 23 Jun Peng is not leaving any space for the Indian.

In the second game, both Srikanth and Jun Peng are going toe to toe. Srikanth leads the second game 13-11.

21-9. Kidambi Srikanth loses the the first game to Zhao Jun Peng

Zhao Jun Peng is off to a flying start in the first game. He has raced away to a 7-3 lead.

Srikanth slowly but surely reducing the gap. Zhao Jun Peng is maintainig the lead but Srikanth, the former world No. 1, is not far behind. However, he hasn’t settled into any rhythm yet.

The Chinese shuttler is running away with the game now, leads 17-9.

Zhao Jun Peng trounces Srikanth 21-9 in the opening game that lasts just 12 minutes!

Zhao Jun Peng takes the first point of Game 2 but Srikanth pulls back with scores level at 3-3.

Lakshya Sen vs Luis Enrique Penalver

  • Enormous 9-point lead for the Indian now, chances of progressing to pre-quarterfinals are bright for Lakshya considering the position he is in now. 16-7
  • Woah, Lakshya on a roll now. Increases his lead to 5 points. 11-6
  • Two points each and Lakshya still maintains a 2-point gap against Penalver
  • Lakshya yet again gains the upper hand with a 2 point lead. 6-4
  • First 6 points of the game is shared equally between the Indian and he Spanish international. 3-3
  • On to the second game now!
  • Penalver is slowly creeping behind Lakshya. Its 19-17 now
  • 3 consecutive points for Lakshya here!! he’s just 2 points away from snatching the first game. 19-16 in favour of the 21-year old now
  • The Spanish international is closing in on Lakshya, who now has just two points separating him from his opponent. 16-14
  • The Indian is still in a comanding position with a 4-point lead against Penalver. 15-11
  • Lakshya has now taken a mamoth 6-point leap against Penalver. 13-7 lead to the Indian
  • Gritty Lakshya picks three consecutive points to take a 7-6 lead against Penalver
  • 21-year old Lakshya is currently trailing 3-4 against Penalver of Spain

Lakshya in action now!! Surprisingly, the match isn’t being telecast/streamed anywhere. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Treesa Jolly-Gayatri Gopichand vs Tan Pearly-Thinaah Muralitharan

  • Miracles don’t happen here. TAN-THINAAH WIN THE MATCH 21-8, 21-17 AND ARE INTO THE THIRD ROUND!!
  • Match point for Malaysians. Indian’s need a miracle from here to atleast take the match to a deciding game. 17-20
  • Thinaah’s smash lands in an awkward position as Gayatri hits it wide. 12-17
  • The Indians let the lead slip and it’s a 5 point deficit for Treesa-Gayatri. 11-16
  • Tan-Thinaah’s review for a wide is unsuccessful as Indians pick 2 points. 10-12 now
  • The Malaysians are in a 4 point advantage at the interval of second game. Winning chances look bleak for Treesa-Gayatri as he scoreline reads 7-11
  • The Indians are doing much better in the second game, winning points and breaking crucial services. 7-8 in favour of the Malaysians now
  • Unlike the first game, this is evenly poised. Treesha-Gayatri took a 2 point lead but that was short lived as the Malaysians came back and the scores read 4-4
  • Scores are level as both the team picks two points each
  • Second game begins!
  • Tan-Thinaah takes the first game 21-8 in just 14 minutes. Treesa-Gayatri need to step up their game, if they intend to comeback in the match, restricted movement has been ann issue for the Indian pair this match
  • Treesa drops the shuttle out of Tan’s reach to collect a point but it’s still a 8-point deficit for India as the scoreline read 8-16
  • Point apiece for the teams as he scoreline reads 7-12 inclined in Malaysia’s favour.
  • The Malaysians are in a 6-11 lead at the interval of first round
  • Finally, India manages to break the point streak. Treesa with a couple of drops and a smash to grab two points. 4-8 and India is trailing
  • Malaysians make it 7-2 now, controlled cross court smash from Thinaah ensures a point for her side
  • Three consecutive points for Tan-Thinaah, India currently on the backfoot as Malaysia make it four points in a row. 2-6 in favour of Tan-Thinaah now
  • Another point for India via a long-ish rally, scoreline now reads 2-1
  • First point goes to the Malaysians as the shuttle falls wide and India gets right back to make it 1-1
  • India won the toss and has decided to allow Malaysia to serve first
  • This is the fourth meeting between these pairs and the Malaysians have a 3-0 ahead of Indians.

Lakshya Sen will be seen in action on location 3 following the mixed doubles between Japan and Germany which has gone to a 3rd set decider. We will have to wait a bit more to witness our Thomas Cup hero..

Today has been a day for upsets. Following Arjun-Dhruv victory, Felix Burestedt has won the first game 21-14 against Japan’s Kenta Nishimoto. But the Japan international comes right back, with an absolutely dominating 21-7 second game. On to the decider now!! Nishimoto is still in the lead after 3rd game’s interval but it’s a slender two point lead. Nishimoto on match point now!!! and he does it. Nishimoto comes back from being one game behind to beat Burestedt 14-21, 21-7, 21-13.

On court 1, Treesa Jolly-Gayatri Gopichand duo will play Tan Pearly-Thinaah Muralitharan of Malaysia in women’s singles category once the men’s singles match of Burestedt vs Nishimoto gets over. Burestedt currently leads 7-5 in the first game.

Dhruv Kapila-M.R Arjun upsets 8th seed Kim Astrup-Anders Skaarup

  • BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER AS DHRUV-ARJUN TAKE THE GAME. This is India’s first win today!!
  • Oh man! yet another service fault, India has gifted a point to Denmark. 19-15 now
  • There has been a momentum shift after the interval, four consecutive points for the Indians and that is solely because of their movement in the box. 18-15 now. Make it 19-15 now, the Indians are cruising.
  • Misjudgement!! Astrup tries to reach the shuttle that went almost outside the long boundary but manages to stay in. 15-14
  • Arjun lofts it high and the Danish pair capitalises, two beautiful smashes to take 2 points and a 1 point lead. 13-14 now
  • 2 brilliant defensive plays from India ensures 2 points for the side. The second point came off a 26-shot rally. Superb piece of play from the Indians. 13-12 now
  • The Danish pair take 10-11 lead at the interval of the second game. Unforced errors have pulled back the Indian side quite a bit and they will hope not to continue the same once the game resumes.
  • Astrup with a deceptive smash that leaves Arjun baffled. Scores level now. 10-10
  • Amazing game awareness from Skaarup as his judgement to leave the shuttle pays off. Indians kept it tight and got back anaother point. 8-7
  • Yet another point, hattrick, parity restored and the scoreline reads 7-7
  • Proper defense display this from Denmark as they take back two points. Scoreboard reads 7-6
  • Brilliant run of form from the Indians as they make a comeback to take a three point lead now. The score is inclined 7-4 towards the Indians
  • A service fault from the Indians mean Astrup-Skaarup take a slender 1-2 lead, make it 1-3 now as they have yet another point
  • Both the sides share a point each as its 1 all currently.
  • And there we have it, Arjun-Dhruv take the first game and boy that was quick. The first game ends 21-17 in favour of the Indians.
  • Now that is a perfect example of how you play smashes. Both the Indians are fired up as they produce a smash each to reach game point! 20-16 now
  • The Indians will be relieved as they finally break the rhythm of Astrup-Skaarup pair.
  • 4 back-to-back points from Denmark as the deficit is reduced to 1. 16-15 is the score currently
  • Now its a 4 point difference between the teams. 15-11 is the score as it stands. Dhruv-Arjun’s movement within the box has been impressive thus far and they will look to continue this momentum to pocket the first game.
  • Dhruv-Arjun take the lead at the interval of first game. Positive intent from the Indian side as they are cruising 11-8 past Astrup-Skaarup.
  • Dhruv opts for a challenge and that is an outrageous one. The shuttle goes way beyond the back boundary. Unsuccessful challenge. 9-7 it is, in the Indian’s favour
  • Astounding display from Denmark as they reduce their deficit to just a point. 8-7 in favour of Arjun-Dhruv
  • Consecutive points for the Indian side as Arjun’s forehand drop is hit straight back to the net by Astrup. Dhruv-Arjun with a four point lead now.
  • A powerful backhand smash from Astrup leaves Kapila stunned as Denmark takes a point. 2-1 in favour of the Indians now
  • Arjun-Kapila starts off positively with 2 quick points.
  • Chathuranga Wishwanath is the match umpire
  • The winner of this match will play Singapore’s Hee Yong Kai terry and Loh Kean Hean in the third round.

Chochuwong does it in the third set! beats her South Korean opponent 18-21, 21-16, 21-10 in a thrilling three game match. Finally, some Indian action coming up!

Meanwhile, relentless Loh Kean Yew of Singapore registered a 21-12, 11-21, 21-12 victory against Kevin Cordon of Guatemala.

Up next in men’s singles Kodai Naraoka of Japan will take on Thailand’s Kunlavut Vitidsarn in what seems to be a blockbuster clash.

Among the Indians, the next match will see M.R Arjun and Dhruv Kapila go up against eighth seeded Kim Astrup and Anders Skaarup of Denmark. The Sim Yu Jin vs Chochuwong Pornpawee is extended to a third game which means Arjun-Dhruv match will get delayed further. We will be covering all the Indian matches so stay tuned!

Ashwini Ponnappa-N. Sikki Reddy vs Chen Quing Chen-Jia Yi Fan

  • AND THE DOMINANT CHINESE WON THE MATCH 21-15, 21-10. They constantly applied pressure on the Indians and it worked big time as Chen-Jia secure a comfortable win! Ashwini-Sikki were no match to the top seeds as they were cornered throughout the match. The head-to-head worsens for the Indians as they are 0-4 down, Chen-Jia have won all four matches, including this, in straight games!
  • This is proper demolition job from the top seeds as they bag six points on the trot. 9-18 for China
  • Five points on the trot for Chen-Jia as they look to close the match in straight sets. 9-16 on the side of China now
  • Chen-Jia extend their lead. A four point lead for China as they pocket three consecutive points. Chen is fired up all right!!
  • 9-11 now for the Indians as they make use of smashes effectively. A momentum change from here?
  • Challenge from Sikki but that’s well in, Chen-Jia take a 7-11 lead at the interval of the second game. Things looking gleamy for the Indians as of now
  • Indians retract a point here courtesy of a Chen shot that went wide beyond back boundary line. India still trail 7-9
  • Jia’s monster smash is met by Sikki’s back hand that isn’t enough as the shuttle fails to cross the net. 6-8 towards China
  • Woah! Three consecutive points and parity is restored. 6 a piece now
  • Yet aother 30+ shot rally, 34 to be precise and this time its the Chinese who go a point up. 3-5 now for China
  • Ponappa with a powerful smash towards Jia, making her lose balance and the shuttle goes wide. Indian pair manages to close the gap, but China still leads 3-4
  • Jia’s shot lands just wide as Ashwini-Sikki take back a point. 1-2 in favour of the Chinese pair
  • Chen’s cross court smash does the trick as Ashwini hits it straight on to the net. 0-2 to the Chinese
  • Second game begins!
  • AND THEY WIN THE FIRST GAME! Chinese pair of Chen-Jia maintain the momentum throughout to take the first game 15-21
  • Five game points for the Chinese
  • Now it is a four point lead for the top seeds, they are just 2 points away from securing the first game. 15-19 now
  • Well deserved! Elite movement from the Indians, well rotated and the point comes off Sikki who produces a cross court smash. 15-17 now
  • Misjudgement! Sikki lofts the shuttle high which leaves Jia and Chen confused who leave the shuttle untouched. But its still a two point deficit for the Indians. 14-16 now
  • Three successive points for the Indians now, the latest coming throrugh a 34-shot rally. They reduce the deficit at a crucial point. 13-14 still in favour of Chen-Jia
  • Momentum shift towards Chen-Jia now as they take a five point lead. Indians down 9-14
  • Ashwini’s shot goes beyond the back boundary line. 9-12 in favour of the Chinese still
  • Top seeds take the lead at interval of first game. The 2 point deficit continues for the Indians as they are 9-11 down against Chen-Jia
  • Sikki with two back-to-back smashes to win a point. Indians trailing 9-10 now
  • A delightful drop from Chen! Ashwini tried her best but could not put the shuttle past the net. Two point lead for the Chinese as they go up 7-9
  • Chen is absolutely fired up. Two smashes, two points in the kitty for the Chinese pair. They now lead 6-7 against an equally good Indian side
  • A slender upper hand for the Indians as they take 6-5 lead
  • A perfect serve from Ashwini to take back a point back Deceives Chen by lobbing the shuttle just out of the Chinese international’s reach. Indians are 4-5 now
  • Chen challenges and that is a successful one. Chen-Jia lead 2-5 against Ashwini-Sikki
  • A fiery back and forth leads to Chen-Jia equalising the score, 2-2 as it stands
  • Sikki lofts the shuttle high up in the air but the Chinese pair fails to capitalise it and hits it straight at the net. Positive start for Ashwini-Sikki who take 1-0 lead
  • The Indian pair wins the toss, will let the Chinese serve first up

A mouth watering clash awaits as Ashwini Ponnappa-N. Sikki Reddy takes on top seeded Chen Quing Chen-Jia Yi Fan of China. But the odds are stacked against the Indians as the Chinese hold a 3-0 head-to-head record, winning all three in straight games. Can the Indian pair produce an upset? Well, we are as curious as you. So stay tuned!

Meanwhile, in an all Thailand battle, Ratchanok Intanon registered a 21-17,21-17 against Phittayaporn Chaiwan.

Day 3 Indians in action
Chen Quing Chen-Jia Yi Fan won 21-15, 21-10 vs ASHWINI PONNAPPA-REDDY N. SIKKI (WD) 
TREESA JOLLY-GAYATRI GOPICHAND vs Tan Pearly-Thinaah Muralitharan
H.S PRANNOY vs Kento Momota (MS) 
Kim Astrup-Anders Skaarup vs M.R. ARJUN-DHRUV KAPILA 
ASHWINI BHAT K.-SHIKHA GAUTAM vs Kim so Yeong-Kong Hee Yong (WD)
Lee So Hee-Shin Seung Chan won 21-15,21-7 vs POOJA DANDU-SANJANA SANTOSH
Luis Enrique Penalver vs LAKSHYA SEN (MS) 

Pooja Dandu-Sanjana Santosh vs Lee So Hee-Shin Seung Chan

  • Game point for the Koreans who take a 7-20 lead. Justifying their experience and seeding
  • The Indian duo’s defeat is almost confirmed as they trail 7-17
  • One way traffic here! The relentless Lee-Shin pair take a whopping 3-14 lead in the second game
  • Things not looking good for the Indian pair as they trail 2-11 at the interval of second game
  • Second game begins!
  • South Koreans take the first game 15-21!! Pooja-Sanjana had some sort of a momentum going towards them but that was short lived as Lee-Shin reign supreme eventually
  • The Koreans come right back to take a 14-17 lead vs the Indians, Lee-Shin pair were the favourites to win this match afterall!
  • Pooja Dandu and Sanjana Santosh cameback from an early setback to take 11-8 lead in the first half of the first game against third seeded Lee So Hee and Shin Seung Chan of South Korea

Lakshya Sen, who was an integral part of the Indian team that won Thomas Cup earlier this year, will be seen in action today. The 21-year old will lock horns with Spain’s Luis Enrique Penalver.

Here’s a recap of Indian results on Day 2 of BWF World Championships

Ashwini Ponappa and N. Sikki Reddy pair up to take on Chen Quing Chen and Jia Yi Fan of China. This women’s doubles battle is the first among Indian matches today, which will approximately begin at 6.30 am IST.

H.S Prannoy, who was also a part of the Indian Thomas Cup team, will take on second seeded Kento Momota of Japan in the men’s singles category.

In case you’re wondering where to watch the matches live, here’s the answer:

The live streaming of the BWF World Championships 2022 will be available in India on Voot Select and JioTV. You can also watch it live on Sports 18.

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