ISL 2021-22, NorthEast United vs SC East Bengal HIGHLIGHTS: NEUFC beats 10-men SCEB 2-0 without Santana

ISL 2021-22, NEUFC vs SCEB Score: Follow the highlights of the Indian super league match between ATK Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda.

Updated : Dec 17, 2021 22:02 IST , GOA

A set piece attempt by NEUFC helps Flottmann get the ball, who heads the ball to double the lead for NEUFC. it is his first goal in the league and what a way to make his debut.
A set piece attempt by NEUFC helps Flottmann get the ball, who heads the ball to double the lead for NEUFC. it is his first goal in the league and what a way to make his debut.

A set piece attempt by NEUFC helps Flottmann get the ball, who heads the ball to double the lead for NEUFC. it is his first goal in the league and what a way to make his debut.

Welcome to Sportstar's highlights of this evening's  NorthEast United vs SC East Bengal clash being played at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa. This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you pre-match buildup and live updates from the ISL match.

That brings us to the end of tonight's match. We will back tomorrow with a double header ISL tomorrow, starting at 7:30 pm. Thanks for tuning in. Have a good night and take very good care of yourselves.

Post Match Comments:

Khalid Jamil, NEUFC Head Coach: "I just told them to play simple and not to concede goal. Because of Hernan, I told Right back and Left back to play more defensively till they get confidence and in the second half, I told them that they could go up and they did well."

Khassa Camara, the NEUFC captain and the Hero of the Match: "It was a hard game for us. In the first half, it was difficult to find the solution in the last third. We tried to be more dangerous in the last third and the most important thing was the three points. We needed to win this game because it was very important for us because we conceded five goals in the last game and I'd like to congratulate my teammates - they played like lions today."

Renedy Singh, SCEB spokesperson: "I think it was a good first half, we could have got a penalty. The second half, it was different, we did not deserve to win (after the second half-game). I think it is difficult for the coach when you cannot get enough time to train with the players. We just have to regroup and prepare for the next game. I'm sure in the next game, we'll come back stronger."

Patrick Flottmann, NEUFC: "I'm just happy with the win - that's the most important thing we want. As a defender, clean sheet is the most important thing as well, so happy we got that as well. I think the boys stepped in and just did really well (after Santana was ruled out)."

Read Match Report:


NorthEast United FC 2-0 SC East Bengal

In spite of losing its captain Hernan Santana minutes before kick-off, Khalid Jamil's men pulled off a phenomenal performance to secure a 2-0 win over SC East Bengal which remains at the bottom of the table with zero goal tonights and as many wins in the league this season.

90+4' Yellow Card for Danmawia as he brings down Tomislav Mrcela!

90+3' Coureur takes a shot this time, which ricochets to fall for Suhair, who takes another shot, which is saved by Arindam. That was the last kick for Suhair as Tondonga replaces him

90+2' Red Card! Perosevic barges into Camara and then bumps into the referee only to be sent off . Its the fourth red card in the tournament and SCEB night just went from bad to worse

90' Save! Dervisovic's shot from a free kick is headed on target by Balwant Singh, but Mirshad has the ball well in control, who catches it and kicks the ball back into play

89' Shot! Perosevic tries a shot from distance after he was passed the ball by Chima, but the ball is just miles away from target. Flottmann was well beaten and he needs to get back to what he is on field to do primarily - defend

87' SCEB marches on for an attack, but Jestin George is there to curb the efforts of Hira Mondal to ask questions to the NEUFC defence

84' Shot! Gurjinder goes for goal thus time and Arindam, an ISL Golden Glove winner, is just trying his best to limit the damage to 2-0 for now

82' Miss! Coureur is released in the final third and as SCEB tracks back, the NEUFC Striker delays, twists, turns and then shoots just wide

81' SCEB tossing the ball in the midfield and its development in the final third is stifled by the second goalscorer Flottmann

78' Substitution for SCEB! Hnamte is replaced by Balwant Singh

77' Shot! An NEUFC corner taken by Coureur is received by Camara, but his fails to hit the target on his volley. NEUFC has showered attack on its opposition with 12 shots as compared to just four from SCEB

76' Shot! Kamara is released who runs in left in the box, but fails to shoot on target as the ball goes out of play and the referee blows his whistle for a cooling break

74' Substitution for NEUFC! Mapuia is replaced by Pragyan Gogoi as Khalid Jamil looks for more pace from younger players

72' Gurjinder takes the free kick and a shot from distance is on target. Arindam fists it way to save SCEB any further embarrassment

71' Mrcela steps across the line and obstriucts Mapuia to bring him down. The SCEB players are furious, but the referee blows his whistle for a free kick.

68' GOOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!! A set piece attempt by NEUFC helps Flottmann get the ball, who heads the ball to double the lead for NEUFC. it is his first goal in the league and what a way to make his debut


65' Nhamte passes the ball for Chukwu after a mistake by Kamara, but Mirshad makes a phenomenal save to get hold of the ball as Chukwu misses it and the referee gives a free kick for NEUFC. Good goalkeeping and even better refereeing.

64' Substitution for SCEB! Raju Gaikwad is subbed off for Angou

63' Shot! Another shot from NEUFC and Mapuia takes a shot, but Arindam saved the shot on his right

61' GOOOOOOAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! Suhair gets the ball in the box, twists and turns and takes a shot to put NEUFC in front with a turn and a kick at the far corner. It is his fifth ISL goal and he has scored all five of them under Jamil


56' Arindam's long kick falls for Perosevic, but Mirshad was present to curb the developments as Michu catches it. The attack now moves to the other end and a cross from Suhair is met by Mapuia , which is saved by Arindam.

53' Substitution for NEUFC! Khalid Jamil brings in fresh legs as Danmawia is subbed on for Rochharzela

52' Shot! Suhair gets the ball in the final third, drops to the right and takes a shot, which goes past the goal. That shot was travelling

49' Kamara gets the ball on the other end, and takes a shot from distance, which flies past the target. He has shown his capability to score from distance against Bengaluru FC this season itself

48' Flottmann tries to leave the ball for Mirshad and just then Hnamte chases the ball, but Mirshad kicks the ball and injures himself in the process

46' Yellow Card! Mapuia gets into the book early on in the second half

Second Half Begins! SCEB East Bengal makes a half-time substitution, with Bikash Jairu replacing Mahesh who had been yellow carded in the first half


SCEB tried to penetrate the NEUFC defence in the opening and cosing moments of the first half, but could not get past the last line of defence, thanks to a Chukwu miss and a controversial goal kick decision a few minutes before it. If it remains like this till full-time, both the teams will remain the bottom two teams in the table.

45+2' SCEB's another corner gets wasted as it gets yet another, which is eventually stopped after a foul by Mahesh on Imran Khan. First yellow card for SCEB as Mahesh gets into the book.

45' Miss! After an initial save by Michu on a Perosevic attempt, Chukwu gets the ball, and fails to make the most of it with a poor shot in the circumstances. Two minutes of added time given.

43' Kaara brings the ball forward, feeds it to Gurjinder, whose cross is just too wide. The play that follows brings the ball to Imran Khan, who tries another long ranger. That too, is off target. NEUFC is trying everything to take advantage of Prce absent from SCEB's defence

41' Yellow Card! Dervisovic is chased and brought down as Rochharzela tries to steal the ball but gets into the book in the process

39' Chhara makes a run, goes past the SCEB defence and passes the ball to Suhair, whose shot is blocked by the white wall of SC East Bengal, which tracked back well enough to keep the score deadlocked at 0-0

38' Another error for Tomislav Mrcela with his head missing the aerial ball, with Rochharzela chasing it. Ultimately, Arindam catches the ball to nip the attack in the bud

36' Hira Mondal's aerial pass reaches Chukwu, who gets the ball back again after a pass to Dervisevic, but after his turn, the NEUFC defender Jestin George goes down. He is attended by the medcial team and Jamil will be thankful to see him get back on his feet.

His team has been reasonably weakened with the injuries of Hernan Santa and Federico Gallego

32' Match resumes after the cooling break and its is SCEB back in attack, but NEUFC is keeping its defence in shape to avoid any error that leads on to a goal

Cooling Break!

29' Substitution! Franjo Prce is subbed off for Amir Dervisevic for SC East Bengal

28' Miss! Perosevic makes a run on the right, beats the right back and hits the ball, that had floated over the NEUFC goalkeeper, but the linesmen rule it out as a goal-kick

26' Clearance! Suhair takes the ball and gives a delicious aerial bal for Rochharzela, who receives the ball with his shoulder, but Hira Mondal was there to clear it away. If Rochharzela could have landed a shot from there (inside the box), it could have been a dangerous moment for SCEB

23' Northeast goes on the attack, which starts from Michu. After the initial clearance, Kamara steals the ball, but Rochharzela fails to capitalise on the pass as the ball is kicked out of danger

20' Perosevic decides to go for it on the other end, beats the left back and takes a shot, which is caught by Michu

19' Chance! Lakra's aerial is met by Mrcela, and the error could have cost SCEB heavily, but a poor shot from Apuia keeps the score 0-0

18' Perosevic makes a run along the right, but his cross is just missed by Chukwu as SCEB miss another attacking chance

17' Despite early developments from SC East Bengal, the match has looked a rather midfield oriented match, with less end-to-end action.

12' Imran Khan and Suhair close in on Perosevic as he picks up an ankle injury. The side's medical team attends to it and he is back on his feet

11' As Hernan Santa watches, NEUFC looks to be struggling to create an attack. SCEB on the other hand is all over the opposition half to find a crack to exploit and score as soon as possible

10' NEUFC has scored four out of its six goals this season in the first half. It will be interesting to see if it can score one here

8' Arindam's long kick fall straight to Lakra, who dribbles the ball and passes it back to the goalkeeper and NEUFC goes again

6' Rochharzela takes control of the ball in the midfield, makes a run, but fails to work the keeper as Arindam looks well set in his place

5' SC East Bengal enjoying a fair bit of possession in the first five minutes. The despair for a win is clear

2' The ball is cleared out for another corner, and Prce falls down. The kick that follows is kicked Rafique, but is fisted away by Michu

1' East Bengal goes on the attack from the very beginning and NEUFC clears it out of play for a corner.

7:30 pm: Kick-off!

7:25 pm: SC East Bengal starts in white while NorthEast United FC starts in its home crimson kit. NorthEast United starts from left to right, while the visitor, SC East Bengal starts from the other end.

7:00 pm: As Arindam hopes to give SC East Bengal its first win as well an clean sheet this season, here is what he had to say to Sportstar in an exclusive interview:

Watch: Arindam's goalkeeping idols while growing up

6:37 pm: Confirmed Starting XI: Line-ups are out!

NorthEast United FC Starting XI: Mirshad Michu (GK), Provat Lakra, Patrick Flottmann, Gurjinder Kumar, Jestin George, Khassa Camara; Imran Khan, Mathias Coureur, Rochharzela, Lalkhawpuimawia, Suhair Vadakkepeedika

SC East Bengal Starting XI: Arindam Bhattacharja(GK), Raju Gaikwad, Tomislav Mrcela, Franjo Prce, Hira Mondal, Mohammad Rafique, Sourav Das, Lalrinliana Hnamte, Naorem Singh, Daniel Chukwu, Antonio Perosevic

6:15 pm: A win here for NorthEast United will take it to seventh on the table, while a win for SC East Bengal will push NEUFC to the bottom of the table.

Here's how the points table looks for now:

6:00 pm: Here's how we think the two sides could line up today!!

NorthEast United FC Predicted XI: Subhasish Roy (C) (GK), Patrick Flottmann, Tondonba Singh, Mohamed Irshad, Joe Zoherliana, Hernan Santana, Pragyan Gogoi, Imran Khan, Laldanmawia Ralte, Mathias Coureur and Suhair Vadakkepeedika.

SC East Bengal Predicted XI: Sankar Roy (GK), Tomislav Mrcela (C), Hira Mondal, Raju Gaikwad, Franjo Prce, Sourav Das, Lalrinliana Hnamte, Amarjit Kiyam, Antonio Perosevic, Thongkhosiem Haokip, Daniel Chukwu.

5:45 pm: Our reporters Aashin Prasad and N Sudarshan review matchweek 2 of the 2021-22 season of the Indian Super League and analyse the teams and their performances in this episode of The Full Time Show. Listen in -

MATCH PREVIEW: ISL 2021-22: NorthEast United looks to regain winning rhythm against SC East Bengal

NorthEast United FC will be looking to regain the winning rhythm when it hosts the current wooden spooner SC East Bengal in an Indian Super League season eight fixture at the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda on Friday.

The last year’s semifinalist, NorthEast United, suffered losses in the previous two outings with the last being a humiliating 1-5 rout against Hyderabad FC.

The Khalid Jamil coached side is currently placed 10th with just four points gained from a win and a draw and is just a spot higher than bottom-placed East Bengal, which is the only winless side with three points from as many draws.

Defensive problems have plagued the prospects of both opponents.

The Khalid Jamil coached NorthEast United conceded 11 goals (in a total of 13) from open play, which is the worst figure managed by any side in that department.


East Bengal remains the worst performer overall conceding 15 goals in the six rounds held so far. Injuries to key players and a lack of cohesion in the creative zone have been the common problem for both the opponents. 

“Our start has not been that great. We missed a lot of players through injury. I am not giving any excuse but I have never got all my six foreigners fit for selection in any game,” said Jamil.

“We have come close to winning in a few games but we have failed to take those opportunities. We can’t afford to make mistakes against NorthEast United,” said the East Bengal coach Jose Manuel Diaz. The East Bengal side is likely to be rejoined by its captain and goalkeeper Arindam Bhattacharya, who missed the last few matches owing to injury.

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