Om Prakash Mithrawal (Army) upstaged Asian Games gold medallist Saurabh Choudhary (Uttar Pradesh) to win the 10m air pistol men’s title as the curtain fell on the 62nd National shooting championships at the Vattiyoorkavu National Games ranges on Friday.

The 23-year-old international from Rajasthan, who had the CWG bronze medal in Gold Coast earlier this year, was fully in command as he lead the field right through 24-shot final before returning an impressive card of 241.1. His 16-year-old rival from Meerut was the one who was upfront with a total of 587 going into the final, but Saurabh was unable to translate his form in the qualifiers, settling in the second spot with a score of 239.8. Arjun Das (Railway) finished third with 217.9.

Saurabh, however, proved to be head and shoulders ahead of his rival in the junior category, winning the event hands down with a total of 245.3 – a good three points clear of Vijayveer Sidhy (Chandigarh) who stood second. Arjun Singh Cheema (Pun) took bronze with 220.7.

In the youth section, Sarabjot Singh (Haryana) took gold with a total of 241.6 outgunning Vijayveer and his brother Udayveer Sidhu, who finished second and third with scores of 240.9 and 220.2 respectively.

The results:

Men: 10m air pistol: 1. Om Prakash Mithrawal (Army), 580 (241.1), 2. Saurabh Choudhary (UP), 587, (239.8), 3. Arjun Das (Railway), 578, (217.9). Team: 1. Uttar Pradesh, 1733, 2. Railway, 1730, 3. Haryana, 1729.

Juniors: 10m air pistol: 1. Saurabh Choudhary (UP), 587, (245.3), 2. Vijayveer Sidhu (Chd), 582, (242.3), 3. Arjun Singh Cheema (Pun), 577 (220.7). Team: 1. Uttar Pradesh 1732, 2. Haryana, 1724, 3. Chandigarh, 1718.

Youth: 10m air pistol: 1. Sarabjot Singh (Har), 578 (241.6), 2. Vijayveer Sidhu (Chd), 582 (240.9), 3. Udayveer Sidhu (Chd), 578 (220.2). Team: 1. Haryana, 1727, 2. Chandigarh, 1712, 3. Punjab, 1712.