World Athletics Championships, women’s javelin throw HIGHLIGHTS: Annu Rani finishes seventh in Oregon 2022

Annu Rani was in action in the javelin throw final at the World Athletics Championships 2022 in Hayward Field, Oregon.

India’s Annu Rani in action during javelin throw qualification at Oregon 2022.

India’s Annu Rani in action during javelin throw qualification at Oregon 2022. | Photo Credit: Kai Pfaffenbach

Annu Rani was in action in the javelin throw final at the World Athletics Championships 2022 in Hayward Field, Oregon.

Welcome to the highlights of the women’s javelin throw final at the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon.



Kitaguchi breaks down into tears as she scripts history, becoming the first Japanese woman to clinch a global medal in javelin throw. Barber passes her last attempt as well... wins gold with a world leading throw and successfully defends her Worlds title. WInger soaks in all the applause from the home crowd as she pockets the silver medal.

Attempt 6

Ogrodnikova: 60:18, Rani: 58.70, Muze: X, Kitaguchi: 63.27, Winger: 64.05, Little: X, Liu: X, Barber: Pass

Rani improves on her Doha 2019 standings by one place to finish seventh. Kitaguchi, hoping to become the first Japanese woman to win a global medal, registers a final 63.27m throw to catapult herself to the second place! Wow. Winger has just ignited the stadium with a 64.05m effort. What a comeback trail this has been for the American. Kitaguchi has now slipped to the bronze medal place.

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Attempt 5

Muze: X, Ogrodnikova: 58.79, Rani: 59.98, Liu: 61.75, Winger: 62.17, Kitaguchi: X, Little: 54.99, Barber: Pass

Barber passes. Winger delights the home crowd with a 62.17m throw but that effort is still more than a metre short of a bronze medal place.

Attempt 4

Muze: 61.26, Ogrodnikova: 59.48, Rani: 58.14, Liu: 63.25, Winger: 58.78, Kitaguchi: 61.27, Little: 58.50, Barber: 61.20

Liu jumps to the silver medal spot with a 63m-plus attempt. Rani slips to 7/8.

Attempt 3

Takemoto: X, Little: 59.10, Jasiunaite: 57.23, Liu: 60.22, Gleadle: X, Kitaguchi: 55.78, Muze: X, Winger: 61.00, Fuchs: X, Ogrodnikova: 59.98, Barber: 66.91 [WL], Rani: 59.27

Barber delivers. And how! Registers the world leading effort of this season with a monstrous 66.91m throw. She may have just delivered the knockout blow. The Australian is now bidding to be the first woman in the history of the World Championships to have successfully defended her javelin throw title. Rani is seventh in the top-8 who will continue to compete for a medal.

Attempt 2

Takemoto: 57.93, Little: 49.78, Jasiunaite: X, Liu: X, Gleadle: X, Kitaguchi: X, Muze: X, Winger: 61.96, Fuchs: 56.46, Ogrodnikova: 56.04, Barber: 62.92 [SB] Rani: 61.12

Rani goes north of the 60m mark! Barber, meanwhile, improves on her seasonal best attempt in the first throw. Jasiunaite registers the first foul of the day, followed by four others getting an X on the sheet.

Attempt 1

Takemoto: 54.77, Little: 63.22 [PB], Jasiunaite: 58.97, Liu: 61.67, Gleadle: 59.59, Kitaguchi: 62.07, Muze: 59.83, Winger: 56.93, Fuchs: 55.42, Ogrodnikova: 54.11, Barber: 62.67 [SB], Rani: 56.18

A tremendous start to the event as Little gets off with a personal best distance of 63.22m. Her coach rushes down the stairs to congratulate her. Just a reminder here... none of the top four javelin throwers have made it to the final. Canada’s Gleadle and Czech Ogrodnikova looked to be holding back a bit while going for their respective throws. It is the first attempt after all. A good show from Barber as well as she registers a seasonal best throw of 62.67m. Rani screams as she throws the spear 56.18m away.



A last attempt throw of 59.60m, though well below her season’s best, ensured javelin thrower Annu Rani’s qualification for her second consecutive finals in the World Championships.

Annu was on the verge of ending her campaign after starting with a foul throw and 55.35m in her second try but sent her spear 40cm short of 60m in her third and final attempt on the fifth day of competitions.

She finished fifth in the Group B qualification round and made it to the finals as eighth best across the two groups.

The 29-year-old national record holder must, however, be disappointed as she failed to touch the 60m mark but she now has the chance to make amends in the finals on Saturday (6:50am IST). She has a seasonal and personal best of 63.82m.

The 12 best performers across the two groups, including those who touched the 62.50m mark to secure direct qualification, made the final. Only three competitors could get past the automatic qualification mark of 62.50m.

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Season leader Maggie Malone of USA failed to make the final after finishing 12th in Group B and 22nd overall with a best throw of 54.19m while defending champion Kelsey-Lee Barber of Australia made it to the medal round as fifth best performer with a best effort of 61.27m.

Annu has qualified for her second consecutive World Championships finals in her third appearance in the showpiece. She had finished eighth in the finals with a best throw of 61.12m in the last edition in 2019 in Doha. She could not qualify for the finals in 2017 in London after finishing 10th in her qualification group.

She had broken her own national record with a throw of 63.82m while winning gold during the Indian Open Javelin Throw Competition in May in Jamshedpur.

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