IPL 2020 team pictures: Not all work and no play!

The IPL 2020 teams have released a sneak peek of their swanky team rooms which are loaded with games to keep the players occupied.

Mumbai Indians team room
Mumbai Indians' 15,000 sq ft recreation centre has nearly everything you require to keep yourself occupied - from a mini basketball game to a concert hall! Photo: Mumbai Indians
Kolkata Knight Riders team room
All the purple and gold in the Kolkata Knight Riders team room only add to the royal vibe! Photo: Kolkata Knight Riders
Rajasthan Royals team room
Rajasthan Royals are all set to sound the war cry at the TT table as well! Photo: Rajasthan Royals
Delhi Capitals team room
The Delhi Capitals have ensured their players keep the competitive streak going by introducing PS4 nights. Photo: Delhi Capitals
Yuzvendra Chahal
Guess who's a 'Mortal Kombat II' fan! Royal Challengers Bangalore spinner Yuzvendra Chahal tries his hands at the arcade. Photo: Royal Challengers Bangalore