Joe Hart says he understands Pep Guardiola had to "make his stamp" after taking over at Manchester City and changing the goalkeeper, a development that impacted his career.

The 33-year-old is now back-up at Burnley, having had loan spells at Torino and West Ham since leaving the club with whom he won five major trophies.

Hart was firmly established at City since signing from Shrewsbury Town in 2006 and was the England number one.

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But he immediately felt uneasy when former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss Guardiola was appointed to much fanfare in 2016.

Initially replaced by Claudio Bravo, it is now Ederson in place for City between the sticks and Hart, who has struggled to recapture the same success he had in Manchester, conceded it is difficult to question Guardiola's record.

Asked if he and Guardiola had an open discussion before he moved to Torino, Hart told the Guardian : "Yeah, I made sure we had dialogue.

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"I certainly backed myself to the hilt when we spoke. I listened to what he had to say. There's more to it than me not being as good with my feet as he wants from a goalkeeper.

"I realised he needed to make his stamp at City. He had a direction he wanted to go, and he's not exactly struggled since, has he?

"I was fairly concerned [when he was appointed]. Lots of important people tried to reassure me. But you just have a feeling, don't you?

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"I came back late from the Euros [in 2016] and he made it clear when I got there that I needed to be out by that window.

"That's Pep's brilliance. He makes decisions and stands by them. I don't dislike him. We get on as men and we both love football."