Hockey World Cup 2023 HIGHLIGHTS: Germany beats Japan; Belgium, Netherlands, New Zealand also secure wins

Catch all the updates, results, and highlights of the Day 2 of the FIH Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 in Bhubaneswar-Rourkela.

Updated : Jan 17, 2023 00:34 IST

Belgium Van Aubel and Korea players vie for ball during the Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 match.
Belgium Van Aubel and Korea players vie for ball during the Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 match. | Photo Credit: PTI

Belgium Van Aubel and Korea players vie for ball during the Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 match. | Photo Credit: PTI

Welcome to the highlights of the Hockey World Cup 2023- Day 2, taking place in Bhubaneswar and Rourkela!

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Germany vs Japan - Match 8


  • Two back-to-back penalty corners but Japan still fails to score. There is a referral from the Japanese to find out whether the second effort was going in. Turns out, the ball had rolled wide.
  • Windfeder gets a yellow this time. With 30 seconds left on the clock, it means he is done for the night.
  • Yamada, injured earlier on, is okay and back on the field. Perhaps in a last-ditch effort to help his side score at least one.
  • Japan’s Ooka is left to rue a golden opportunity. A half-volley and he ends up clattering into the ‘keeper and losing balance.
  • An excellent run from Ludwig down the left as Germany wins another penalty corner. Swing and a miss.
  • A goal has been disallowed as the lobbed delivery had struck the back of the stick of a German player.
  • Time for a video referral as Germany believes it has been denied a penalty corner. There will be no corner as the official finds no clear reason to change the on-field referee’s decision.
  • Germany seems happy, enjoying ample possession while working the ball among its players close to the midfield.
  • Ruhr has a shot on goal but it clangs into the goalkeeper’s helmet grille. That doesn’t matter, however, as he feeds Prinz moments later as the 24-year-old makes it 3-0 in favour of Germany, striking hard into the unguarded goal.
  • Japan gives away a penalty corner right at the start of a quarter. But Germany is unable to convert courtesy of some quality defending from its opponent.


  • Fukuda on the counter! Windfeder cautioned with a green card for an offence as Fukuda clatters onto the turf.
  • Ruhr doubles Germany’s lead with a classy solo act after Ohashi commits an error in the other half. The goalie ends up allowing the German to run into the circle. Ruhr works around him and fires into the top corner moments before taking a tumble.
  • The German captain breaks the deadlock from a PC. Stands wide of the right post and taps it in. Was almost saved but the ball ultimately trickles in.
  • Germany wins another penalty corner. The effort hits a Japanese runner. It is Yamada, who goes down. Looks like it has struck him above the knee. Bad news for Japan... he is now hobbling away with the team physio.
  • Grambusch dribbles in from the right but fails to find an opening.
  • Japan is looking to build from the back, every time it wins possession. Takade wins the ball and Japan is up and running again.
  • A brave interception by Niwa. Zwicker’s ball was otherwise headed for the circle.


  • A wonderful touch from Hinrichs to keep the ball down but Saito intervenes to keep Germany at bay.
  • Lovely ball to Saito on the left. His cross is intercepted by Peillat.
  • Penalty corner! Prinz traps, Peillat shoots but the ball flies off the boot of a Japanese defender. The resulting PC has swung off goal as well.
  • Electric hands! Prinz manages to flummox the Japanese defenders on the far left. The 24-year-old is a rising star in his nation. Two minutes later, he provides support to Peillat inside the box, but the shot flies off target.
  • A couple of missteps by the Germans hand Japan a superb opportunity. An alert Grambusch, though, was up to the task. The defender has been brilliant tonight.
  • An encouraging bit of play from Trompertz and Ludwig on the left wing. However, Japan wins the ball back a while later.
  • Japan has had field possession for a couple of minutes now. Not a bad start to the second quarter.


  • A goalmouth melee ensues after Zwicker gets a shot on goal. Peillat’s effort off the resulting penalty corner is saved.
  • Germany enjoys 58 percent possession as of now. A host of substitutes take positions as Muller gets ready to take a free hit.
  • A searching lob from Muller from near the 23m line goes out of play.
  • Prinz with a reverse pass. A threatening charge from Germany culminates into Muller going for the kill. The ball, unfortunately, flies wide.
  • Niwa slices hard from the right, the ball flashes past Yamasaki near the far post. That was close. This has been a good start from the Japanese.
  • Ric Charlesworth in the comms box points out how Germany has become an increasingly attacking team over the past decade as the men in white win possession near the right flank..
  • Japan gets the ball rolling from left to right.
  • Time for the national anthems. The Germans are up first.
  • Germany and Japan have met on six previous occasions. The Honamas have won all of these games.
  • Welcome to the coverage of the second Pool B match of Day 2. “The aim is to enjoy the game, and atmosphere and get the first win on the board,” says Germany coach Andre Henning.

Belgium vs South Korea- Match 7


  • Belgium thrashes Korea 5-0 by dominating the second half of the match and scoring all their goals in the last two quarters.
  • Arthur de Sloover gets a field goal as he flicks it in diagonally in the corner of the goal, further from the Korean keeper. Belgium comfortably keeps its lead 5-0
  • The Koreans are not able to convert the corners to goals.
  • Koreans try to counter-attack, but Belgians try and stop it. They end up conceding a corner.
  • Five minutes left and Belgium earns another penalty corner, but Korea manages to push it out. However, it hits the back stick of Korean defender and another PC is awarded thanks to video referral by Belgians
  • Sébastien Dockier scores Belgium’s fourth goal as the Red Lions lead with ease after not getting any goal in the first two quarters. Belgium leads 4-0
  • Belgium gets a penalty corner and gets a goal on rebound courtesy Van Aubel who scores from close distance. Leads 3-0
  • Belgium holds ball possession.


  • Korea loses their referral as the ball hits the stick and not the leg inside its striking circle.
  • Belgium just doesn’t give up, Antoine Kina attempts a shot at the goal from the 25 yard line, before the ball getting deflected by Tanguy Cosyns. Belgium leads 2-0
  • Belgium counter-attacks while running towards the Korean goalpost, however, they are tackled by the Korean defenders and the ball is pushed out.
  • Korea asks for a referral as referee calls for free hit while they think its corner. And they are correct, its another corner for Korea. However, Belgium’s defence is too tough for Korea to break.
  • The penalty corner opportunity is not used by Korea as the ball goes wide!
  • Koreans try to score goal with a close distance, however, Vincent Vanasch, the Belgian goalkeeper is quick on reflex and saves them all.
  • Belgium refers as soon as a second penalty corner is awarded to Korea. Belgium are correct are keep their video referral.
  • Koreans try to attack using the left flank, due to a rough Belgian tackle they are awarded a penalty corner.
  • Belgium gets successive penalty corners, however, they are unable to get on target this time.
  • Alexander Hendrickx scores a goal of penalty corner as Korean goalkeeper is unable to keep up. Belgium leads 1-0
  • Belgian attack starts as soon as the whistle blows, and Koreans concede a penalty corner. Make it two.


  • It’s surprising that Korea were able to contain Belgium with the Red Lions’ circle penetration being far superior to that of Korea.
  • Looks like it will be draw at half-time.
  • Jang Jonghyun does a reverse arial flick to get rid of the Belgian defenders who were cornering him.
  • Belgium with a penalty corner and Loick Luypaert misses both the injections and the Red Lions miss several goal-scoring chances.


  • An attempt by the Belgians to enter Korea’s circle, however, the hooter is sounded by then.
  • A great save by Kim Jaeheon, Korea’s goalkeeper.
  • Every time Belgium gets to Korea’s D, they escape the scare due to their strong defence.
  • Belgium takes the upper hand by holding ball possession, however, Korea gets into the Belgian’s circle.


The last time the two teams faced each other was in the Hero Hockey Champions Trophy 2016 where Belgium defeated Korea 4 - 3.

Netherlands vs Malaysia- Match 6



  • Talking about Malaysia scoring, its Netherlands time to hit another one as Jorrit Croon scores with his back facing the goal in the final minute to defeat Malaysia 4-0.
  • Malaysia hold ball possession, can they manage to score a goal to redeem themselves?
  • A penalty corner for Netherlands, however they are unable make it 4-0.
  • Netherlands tries to penetrate into the Malaysian circle, however, they are stopped by some fine tackles from the Speedy Tigers!
  • Dutch lead 3-0.
  • Third goal for Netherlands, this time off a penalty corner as Teun Beins scores his first senior international goal.


  • Netherlands still leads 2-0 !
  • Dutch captain Brinkman walks out of the field hopping with one leg folded and off the ground.
  • Malaysian team missed several brilliant chances to score as they fail to convert two consecutive penalty corners.
  • The Speedy Tigers (Malaysian hockey team’s nickname) have to stop Netherlands’ left side attacks with more than half from that side.
  • At the end of second quarter, Netherlands’ ball possession percentage was 70 per cent to Malaysia’s 30 per cent.


  • At half-time, Netheralands leads 2-0 against Malaysia courtesy Van Dam and Jip Janssen.
  • Jorrit Croon is shown a green card, Netherlands field 10 members for two minutes.
  • Malaysia gets an opportunity in the form of a penalty corner, however, Faizal Saari flicks it wide on a rebound after the Netherland ‘keeper saves the first attempt.
  • The circle penetrations of the two teams are contrasting with Netherlands having 15 in comparison to Malaysia’s three.
  • Jonas de Geus gets tackled illegally, resulting in penalty stroke for Netherlands. Jip Janssen scores for Netherlands in the penalty stroke. Netherlands leads 2-0
  • Dutch seem to be rolling around too much.
  • Netherlands scores in the 20th minute as Van Dam strikes. Dutch leads 1-0 at beginning of the second quarter.
  • Netherlands into the Malaysian D, however, Malaysians steal the ball possession.


  • First quarter ends with none of the teams scoring.
  • Malaysia brings some spectacular defence to save the PC, however, Netherlands gets the ball possession.
  • Penalty corner comes Netherlands way as the ball touches a Malaysian defenders feet in an attempt to shoot.
  • Netherlands keep attacking putting the Malaysian defence to stand up on their toes.
  • A chance for the Netherlands, but Janssen is unable to get it through to the Malaysia ‘keeper.
  • The Speedy Tigers loose ball possession to some amazing Netherlands attack.
  • The Dutch take charge, however, they give the ball possession to Malaysia.
  • The anthems is played and the teams take position.
  • The teams enter the field.


Netherlands thrashed Malaysia 6-2 in the 2019 Test match series.

New Zealand vs Chile- Match 5


  • Hooter goes out and that’s the end of Chile’s first match and goal in a World Cup!
  • Findlay finds himself surrounded by three Chilean players as they try to block him from entering the circle.
  • Good save from Hayward, and Nic Woods puts it away.
  • Penalty corner for Chile, can they make it 3-2 in the final two minutes?
  • What a start to the fourth quarter. It seemed like a one sided game until the backhand sweep by Contardo.
  • Leon Hayward, the Kiwi goalkeeper comes forward in order to stop the goal. However, Ignacio Contardo scores Chile’s first ever Men’s World Cup goal. The goal is awarded after much deliberation due to the possibility of a back stick. NZ 3-1 Chile
  • Chile celebrates what they think is their first-ever World Cup goal. Has it come off the back stick?


  • New Zealand still holds a comfortable lead as the La Roja’s are unable to goals in the penultimate quarter.
  • Findlay gets a green card and New Zealand down to 10 players for two minutes.
  • Second attempt of scoring a goal for PC, but it goes wide.
  • Chile asks for penalty corner via video referral and they are successful.


  • Kiwis lead comfortably as Hiha scores a brace in the first-half of the match.
  • Chile’s Franco Becerra gets hit by Sean Findlay’s stick as the New Zealander tries to loft up the ball.
  • 19th minutes- Hiha scores his second goal of the match, after Simon Child steals the ball from the Chilean player and passes it. New Zeland leads 3-0.
  • Two consecutive PCs for Chile, but NZ’s defence is too strong


  • PC for New Zealand as Sam Child is tackled roughly in the Chile circle. Chile takes an opportunity of a counter-attack after it defends NZ’s penalty corner. However the hooter sounds and its the end of the first quarter.
  • Tarrant gets a green card and a PC for Chile. The Black Sticks are a man down for two minutes. However, Dixon saves and NZ out of trouble.
  • Sam Hiha scores off Tarrant’s pass as the Chile goalkeeper is unable to stop the ball from entering the goal. NZ leads 2-0
  • Sam Lane sweeps the ball past the goalkeeper Adrian Henriquez while entering the Chile circle and helps NZ lead 1-0.
  • Chile survives a brutal Kiwi attack as they stop the ball before it could go past the goal line.
  • New Zealand tries to put pressure on the World Cup debutants.
  • The two teams the field and the anthems are played.

WATCH- Axel Troncoso on what Chile’s World Cup debut means for Hockey in the nation - Hockey World Cup 2023

The Chile men’s national team has never made it to the hockey men’s world cup and will look to make an impact in their first match vs New Zealand in the first Pool B fixture.

Here’s the starting XI !


DID YOU KNOW? Australia’s Tom Craig and Jeremy Hayward scored hat-tricks yesterday against France. Craig scored this World Cup’s first hat-trick, followed by Hayward. READ MORE

Check out the highlights of what happened on Day 1 here !

New Zealand vs Chile PREVIEW- Aashin Prasad

New Zealand will take on newcomer Chile in a Group C clash at the Birsa Munda International Stadium on Saturday.

The Black Sticks have come to India on the back of a poor run in 2022 and a winning start against the lowest-ranked side in the tournament will be key to finishing second behind group favourite Netherlands.

Head coach Greg Nicol, who is aiming for consistency, said his team won’t be taking Chile lightly and wants his team to stamp its authority. New Zealand’s games have been high-scoring of late but an early afternoon push-off could make it difficult for both teams to get going.


Veterans Nick Ross and Simon Child’s return have bolstered their side ahead of the World Cup but it remains to be seen if Nicol ditches the team’s expansive style for a slightly conservative style.

Chile, a team of semi-professionals, is still riding the high of its maiden World Cup qualification and is hoping to make the most of this chance. While football still remains the no. 1 sport in the nation, further emphasised as a ball was kicked about ahead of the side’s pre-match training session, this group aims to help popularise hockey further. The World Cup won’t be on a free-to-air channel back home, but a shock result, which is very unlikely, could help the team’s cause.

“We will try to obtain the first goal, then the first point and why not get a first win after that? We will try to move up the rankings because it is very important for us and we have the chance to play against the best teams in the world. This is not the same as friendly matches,” said Chile coach Jorge Dabanch.

Experienced striker Martin Rodriguez will be the key threat up front for Chile, and skipper Fernando Renz, who handles the accounts for a beverage company back home, will be looking to push the team forward from midfield.

Where to watch the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches?
The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches will be telecast live on Star Sports First, Star Sports Select 2 HD, Star Sports Select 2 SD. The same will be streamed live on Disney+ Hotstar.
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