Dabang Delhi 38-36 Haryana Steelers Pro Kabaddi 2022 Highlights: Naveen Kumar’s last raid brilliance helps unbeaten Delhi seal thriller

PKL 9: Follow updates, score, commentary and statistics from the 2nd match of 17th October of the Pro Kabaddi League between Dabang Delhi and Haryana Steelers in Bengaluru on Monday.

Updated : Oct 17, 2022 22:39 IST

Dabang Delhi K.C. and Haryana Steelers have squared off in 10 contests. Out of these 10 matches, Dabang Delhi K.C. have won three games while Haryana Steelers have won seven times.
Dabang Delhi K.C. and Haryana Steelers have squared off in 10 contests. Out of these 10 matches, Dabang Delhi K.C. have won three games while Haryana Steelers have won seven times. | Photo Credit: PKL

Dabang Delhi K.C. and Haryana Steelers have squared off in 10 contests. Out of these 10 matches, Dabang Delhi K.C. have won three games while Haryana Steelers have won seven times. | Photo Credit: PKL

Welcome to the coverage of the 2nd fixture of 17th October of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022 between Dabang Delhi and Haryana Steelers at the Shree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru on Monday.

Scores read Delhi vs Haryana

FIVE GAMES. UNBEATEN SO FAR. FIFTH SUPER 10 FOR NAVEEN. SENSATIONAL FROM DELHI. Spare a thought for Haryana. Despite a few flaws in strategy or decisions, Delhi really met its match here in this game and was taken to the end by Manpreet’s boys. Haryana should use this game to turn their season around.

38-36 HOW BRILLIANT IS NAVEEN KUMAR. Manpreet made himself very clear when he told his team that the bonus was not to be given at any cost. But, Manjeet went in for the ankle hold, so not only does Naveen get the bonus, but he gets a touch point too to seal a two-point win for his side. What an effort this, from the Delhi captain!

36-36 After an empty raid from Naveen, Manjeet seems to get a touch on the left cover - Vijay Kumar. Delhi reviews to overturn this. Should Naveen have tried for a point in that previous raid? REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL. SCORES LEVEL.

36-35 Manjeet gets a touch on his namesake

36-34 Nitin Rawal ends up showing his back to Naveen as the talismanic Delhi raider with just a few seconds left on a do-or-die raid gets a point.

Don’t give them the bonus, says Manpreet Singh to his boys.

35-34 Manjeet takes out Ravi Kumar to bridge the deficit. One solitary point separates the two teams.

35-33 Schoolboy error from Krishan Dhull as he throws himself on Nitin Rawal. Naveen Kumar shouts “Na Krishan”. Too late. Poiint gifted.

35-32 Vijay Kumar takes down Meetu. Delhi won’t allow Haryana to breathe here.

34-32 Amir Hossein Bastami can’t repeat his heroics. Naveen drags him to the midline after also managing a bonus

32-32 Manjeet is thumped down with nothing to show for it. Ashu Malik the man who makes it happen

4.5 minutes remain. Can Haryana carry the momentum they’ve generated to finish this game?

31-32 Naveen gets the bonus but Haryana inflicts the all-out. They now lead Delhi by one point.

30-29 Meetu has a touch. On Vishal. Naveen is the last man standing.

30-28 Naveen should have looked for a touch to bring a man back., But he comes back with just a bonus

29-28 Loving this fight from Meetu. He has insane pace and darts into Amit Hooda and then goes back to his half using the lobbies.

29-27 Naveen gets a quick bonus. Haryana reviews this bonus point. Manpreet is triggered by something, we can’t quite hear him on the mic yet. The replay shows a clean bonus. Why did Haryana review? With over 6.5 minutes left, will this backfire? REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL, as we see. Manpreet is fuming.,

28-27 Steelers are asking for more. Meetu gets a touch on Ravi and believes he has another with a toe touch - Krishan Dhull. The gap, just one point.

28-25 Mohit responds with a thigh hold of the highest quality. Manjeet the man whose body is turned like a spanner.

28-24 Ravi Kumar revives Naveen as he brings Vinay down. Too good.

Nine-odd minutes remain in this game.

27-24 The two Haryana corners work to remove Ashu. Amir Hossein Bastami and Joginder Narwal taking feet and head.

27-23 Dabang Delhi responds in kind. Krishan Dhull and Ravi handle the top and bottom of Meetu

26-23 Amir Hossein Bastami looked like he was going to be taken to the midline but he refuses to budge and then pulls back Naveen before reinfocements come in. PURE POWER.

26-22 Manjeet steps into the lobby while attempting a touch on Joginder Narwal. Out as a result

26-21 DELHI’S DEFENCE *CHef’s kiss*. Nitin Rawal is dashed out. and Haryana oddly doesn’t ask for the bonus

25-21 Naveen gets Manjeet with a big running hand touch

24-21 KRISHAN DHULL. WRESTLING MOVES HERE. He blocks and turns Meetu and then brings him down.

23-21 Nitin Rawal roars and takes down Manjeet. Delhi does not manage even a bonus, Rawal blocks him and thumps him backwards. Insane!

23-20 Manjeet takes Vijay Kumar and a bonus point

23-18 Amir Hossein Bastami puts in a tackle. But Manjeet drags him to the midline. Why didn’t Joginder come in fro support - the question he was asking his teammates a few minutes ago

22-18 Manjeet is strong and tall and an advanced tackle won’t work here. Ravi comes too late and Manjeet pushes him away turns and makes it to safety. Earlier Vijay did well to avoid a kick from the Haryana raider.

22-17 Prapanjan, the sub, gets the bonus for Haryana but the ALL OUT IS INFLICTED. DELHI IN CONTROL NOW.

19-16 Points to each side. A bonus to Haryana and a tackle point for Delhi. Haryana reduced to two men yet again. That means Naveen is revived.

17-15 Here is a SUPER TACKLE with Jaideep and Vinay coming together which will cool Manpreet’s aching chest here. Naveen is off the mat as a result. Brilliant effort.

Manpreet Singh: Slow down the game, mazak banakar rakhi hai (don’t mess around). To Manjeet, he says, get the bonus. He’s asking his boys why they’re giving Naveen so much space

Delhi is ahead by five points but this Haryana side has the potential to stun Delhi. Can they get out of their heads and give Delhi a reality check? Let’s wait and watch

HALFTIME: 17-12 IN FAVOUR OF DABANG DELHI - Delhi has been predictably good in defence and attack. Delhi’s three-pronged raiding arsenal is firing and their defenders have also managed some smart tackles. Haryana’s talismanic duo - Jaideep and Mohit - have not been in sync as much and that’s showing in the way this team is scampering. Manjeet is slowly amassing his points and has Meetu for support but Meetu needs to pick up pace in picking up points, rather than just being too quick on the mat, to leave an impact on this game. An exciting second half beckons. Grab your refreshments and sit tight.

17-12 That was quite a comical raid. Naveen Kumar gets a touch on Mohit and then scampers back for a touch on another defender but he’s content and then runs back to the midline

16-12 Vinay gets a bonus for Haryana after coming off the bench

16-11 Nitin Rawal is a bit too hasty with that attempted anklehold as Ashu has a point for Delhi

15-11 Delhi responds with a team effort, bringing Meetu down with a 2nd line of defense. Ravi Kumar initiating and the others pitching in, especially Vijay kumar.

14-11 Haryana brings down Delhi’s Manjeet on the left. He seems to have underestimated the strength of that defense. Jaideep gets into the action here.

14-10 One point each as the raider Manjeet and Vishal are out of bounds.

13-9 Joginder Narwal holds Naveen but Naveen drags his former captain to the midline. Joginder turns to Jaideep with frustration. Good point. Where is this defence? Why are they sleeping?

12-9 ERROR FOR DELHI. Bonus plus one for Manjeet. But should Haryana review this? Not needed, looks like all the converging Delhi bodies do enough to avoid Manjeet. All except Vijay Kumar

12-7 Naveen was off the mat for 4:34 minutes. But Manjeet brings him back with a touch on Monu.

11-7 Why is Haryana so hasty? Ashu is gifted a simple touch on the left as a result of some half-hearted attempts today

10-7 SUPER TACKLE. Meetu is contained. Vijay comes in from the left and blocks and holds Meetu while the others then come and pull him back.

Manjeet, Naveen and Krishan Dhull - all three ace players of Delhi this season - are on the bench. What a sight!

8-7 Meetu gets the better of Krishan Dhull in the right cover who overeagerly gets involved. Unnecessary especially when it was Haryana’s do or die raid.

8-6 BRILLIANT WORK. NAVEEN IS BROUGHT DOWN. Manjeet goes straight for Naveen’s legs and he comes out rubbing his head. Reinforcements finish the takedown

8-5 Naveen Kumar’s pace now sends Monu out of bounds. The momentum of escaping Naveen sends him just outside the mat. Nice work.

7-5 Meetu’s pace is his undoing as he steps into the lobby without a touch. It was a super tackle opportunity and Delhi have their two points

5-5 Delhi’s Manjeet is brought down by the Jaideep-Mohit chain combo.

4-4 Meetu picks up pace and gets a touch on Ravi Kumar and manages to come back using the lobby.

4-3 Naveen comes in. Scores a bonus and runs back. I wonder what Manpreet’s plans are for Naveen

3-3 Lovely presence of mind here from Manjeet as he takes advantage of a messy tackle from Delhi. Krishan and Vishal head to the bench

3-1 Delhi’s Manjeet gets a point now and sends a diving Jaideep to the bench

2-1 Manjeet begins with a bonus

2-0 Sleek sleek sleek. Naveen Kumar jolts Haryana with two touches to begin. Nitin Rawal goes for him too far beyond their area and he seems to have a toe touch on Meetu

Haryana has won the toss and Delhi wil raid first.


Dabang Delhi: Naveen Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Krishan Dhull, Vijay Kumar

Haryana Steelers: Naveen Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Vishal, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Krishan Dhull, Vijay Kumar

Dabang Delhi K.C. have begun Season 9 with aplomb, winning each of their four matches so far. A well-oiled unit, the defending champions have blown away opponents frequently so far and can thank their talisman Naveen Kumar for playing a big role in making that happen. The Naveen Express has notched up 53 raid points already and has registered Super 10s in each of his four matches so far. A game-changer and match-winner in the truest sense, Naveen has also been well supported by Manjeet, who has scored 27 raid points and has come up trumps whenever called upon. He’s been a perfect foil for Naveen and makes for a deadly attacking duo for the reigning champions. On the defensive side of things, Krishan has been the team’s go-to player with 16 tackle points to show for his efforts. He along with Vishal and Ravi Kumar will shoulder most of the defensive responsibilities against Haryana Steelers.

Haryana Steelers, on the other hand, suffered their first loss of the season in their last game and will be keen to bounce back. For that to happen, they will need their main raider Manjeet to be on top of his game as he looks to add to his 26 raid points this season. He will also require support in attack from Meetu who has proven that he can make his presence felt on the mat with 19 raid points already. Manjeet and Meetu will both need to be at their best if Haryana Steelers are hoping to get the better of Dabang Delhi K.C.. As far as the Steelers’ defence is concerned, they have to perform much better collectively. Mohit is their leading raider with eight tackle points while Jaideep Dahiya has managed seven tackle points for them. The Steelers though will require the rest of their teammates to also stand up and be counted in defence to overcome the defending champions on Monday.


Beat U Mumba 41-27

Beat Gujarat Giants 53-33

Beat UP Yoddhas 44-42

Beat Telugu Titans 46-26


Beat Bengal Warriors 41-33

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 27-22

Lost 31-44 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

HEAD-TO-HEAD | Matches: 10 | Delhi: 3 | Haryana: 7 | Tie: 0


Dabang Delhi: Manjeet

Haryana Steelers: Jaideep Dahiya

Raiders: Naveen Kumar, Manjeet, Ashu Malik, Ashish Narwal, Suraj Panwar
Defenders: Ravi Kumar, Sandeep Dhull, Amit Hooda, Vishal, Anil Kumar, Monu, Dipak, Krishan, Vinay Kumar, Vijay, Mohammad Liton Ali, Aakash
All-rounders: Vijay, Tejas Patil, Reza Katoulinezhad
Raiders: Manjeet, Meetu, K. Prapanjan, Mohammad Esmaeil Maghsoudlou Mahalli, Rakesh Narwal, Vinay, Sushil, Manish Gulia, Lovepreet Singh, Lovepreet Singh
Defenders: Jaideep Dahiya, Joginder Singh Narwal, Amirhossein Bastami, Naveen, Sunny, Monu, Harsh, Ankit, Mohit
All-Rounders: Nitin Rawal

Where can you watch Dabang Delhi vs Haryana Steelers PKL 9?

Pro Kabaddi Season 9 will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 8:30 PM onwards on Monday.

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