Shooter Satendra Kumar wishes to groom new talent at his new range in Dadri

After playing key role in the development of shooters such as Rahul Panwar, Harpreet Singh and Omkar Singh, Satendra Kumar wishes to open up more opportunities for youngsters.

File Photo: Arjuna awardee Satendra Kumar (Right), with his daughter Anshika.   -  K. ANANTHAN

By taking his first step into his dream project, a shooting range in Dadri, Satendra Kumar aspires to be a catalyst for the overwhelming talent in the country.

"We have a lot of talent. Ours is an attempt to bring the opportunity to the needy, without being greedy," said Satendra, about his venture. The range has 85 firing points including 15 in the 50-metre section.

"Anyone can walk into this place empty handed, and go back as a champion. We will provide everything possible at affordable rates," assured Satendra who had served the Navy for 27 years, till he took voluntary retirement last year.

Finishing third behind Jaspal Rana and Vivek Singh in the national championship in Kanpur had opened the career path for Satendra into the Navy, and he has helped groom shooters of the calibre of Rahul Panwar, Harpreet Singh and Omkar Singh.

"I want thousands to benefit from this range. It has been my dream, my vision and it has become a reality. I didn’t go into any other place to coach. I was waiting to have my own place," said Satendra, quite pleased to have dynamic partners, who believed in his vision to make matching investment.

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Both his son Ayush and daughter Anshika, college students, have shown a lot of ability in shooting. Satendra is happy to give them a chance to train to the best of their ability and achieve their goals.

After the range was inaugurated by the Police Commissioner of Noida, Alok Singh on Sunday, Satendra has announced that he would conduct a two-day Mission Shakti camp of shooting training, over the ensuing week-end, to educate women about the weapons, safety measures etc.

The 46-year-old Satendra hopes to keep improving the range, with electronic targets etc., in future, and make it a centre of excellence.

The covid-19 had already posed a serious challenge and the monsoon was another hurdle that delayed the project by months.

"The challenges make the accomplishments doubly sweet. We will continue to perspire and inspire the shooting fraternity to reach high standards," promised Satendra.

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