Puneri Paltan 32-24 Jaipur Pink Panthers, Highlights, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Aslam Inamdar’s Super 10 gives Pune fourth win; Fazel Atrachali denies Jaipur a point from loss

PKL 9: Follow live updates, score, commentary and statistics from the 1st match of 25th October of the Pro Kabaddi League between Puneri Paltan and Jaipur Pink Panthers in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

Updated : Oct 25, 2022 20:39 IST

All eyes are on the raiders as both teams seek to keep winning runs in the PKL going.
All eyes are on the raiders as both teams seek to keep winning runs in the PKL going. | Photo Credit: PKL

All eyes are on the raiders as both teams seek to keep winning runs in the PKL going. | Photo Credit: PKL

Welcome to the live coverage of the 1st fixture of 25th October of the Pro Kabaddi League 2022 between Puneri Paltan and Jaipur Pink Panthers at the Shree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

A big win for Fazel Atrachali and team which has managed too many close wins for their own liking this season. Fazel’s tactical brilliance denies Jaipur a point from this game which this team will be very happy about. A good defensive showing from Pune with some reliable raiding from Aslam Inamdar.

Scores read Pune vs Jaipur:

32-24 Bhavani Rajput comes in for the last raid and gets one point but can’t manage to stick on to manage one more that could help them bring the deficit down to seven points. Jaipur loses but more crucially does not get a point out of this match.

32-23 Aslam Inamdar takes out Sunil to increase the deficit but Sunil pushes him back to trigger one last raid.

31-23 Bonus plus one and on Fazel Atrachali no less by Nitin Pawar.

Can Jaipur bridge the three point gap that stands between them managing a point from this match?

31-21 Fazel is being miserly and reviews to deny Rahul Chaudhari the bonus. Replays show that Rahul Chaudhari’s trailing foot is not in the air as he grounds his sliding foot. How about that, Fazel! Nothing escapes the Sultan’s eyes. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL.

30-21 Aslam Inamdar with an almost hurdles like jump to get out of Ankush’s tackle attempt in the right cover.

In the timeout, BC Ramesh has prepped Pune for Rahul Chaudhari.

29-21 Fazel is ecstatic as his defense gets it right yet again. Sombir and Mohammad Nabibakhsh come together to take down Arjun Deshwal. Pune has come with plans for this young raider.

28-21 Too easy for Jaipur. Mohit Goyat comes in on a do-or-die raid and Jaipur thumps him down after surrounding him.

Under five minutes to go in this game. Here’s an opportunity to claw back in the game as Puneri Paltan hopes to slow down the game.

28-20 Another point to Puneri Paltan as Bhavani Rajput heads to the bench after an unsuccessful raid.

27-20 SUPER TACKLE AGAIN and this time, Fazel gets involved.. Nabibakhsh initiates the takedown of Rahul Chaudhari and Fazel orchestrates and assists. Brilliant work. Rahul can do nothing but slam the mat with his hand.

25-20 Well well. How’s that for a tackle! Ankush catches hold of Akash Shinde’s legs mid air and brings him down.

25-19 SUPER TACKLE for Puneri Paltan. Arjun in trying to avoid Fazel Atrachali runs right into the clutches of the right corner. Gaurav Khatri the man there who does the job for Pune.

Under nine minutes left in this game.

23-19 Brilliant from Jaipur as Aslam goes deep in the right corner for a bonus but Lucky Sharma is ready and dashes him out of the mat. Insane as there’s a camera behind the spot where Aslam lands on the ad boards and we see the impact of that dash. Nifty work from this defense.

22-18 Rahul Chaudhari draws an error out of Sombir in the left corner and seems hungry for more as he threatens Fazel in the left. What a raider, the showman!

22-17 Rakesh Ram and Sanket Sawant gift TWO points to Arjun Deshwal. Arjun played to their weaknesses and is rewarded.

22-15 SUPER 10 for Aslam Inamdar as he takes out Sahul Kumar and Reza Mirbagheri. Such a good raider, this man!

20-15 Puneri Paltan will return the favour to Arjun Deshwal whol is in on a do-or-die raid as Sanket Sawant offers himself up for the picking. Unimpressively frequent this.

20-14 Mohit Goyat, who looks like he’s scampering a bit, finally gets a point when Lucky Sharma puts in a half-hearted ankle hold in the centre. Aslam Inamdar returns and has a high five saved for his buddy

19-14 Arjun Deshwal runs in and takes out Rakesh Ram yet again. Right cover being the area Jaipiur is targetting today.

19-13 Monu Goyat has a bonus to his name.

18-13 Arjun Deshwal got a bonus point first and Rahul Chaudhari follows it up with a touch on Aslam Inamdar

18-11 Aslam Inamdar has a huge smile on his face as he gets a big toe touch on Reza Mirbagheri

HALF TIME: A six-point lead going Pune’s way is how things stand at the moment. Jaipur started better in the first few minutes but there seems to be immaculate planning done by the Puneri Paltan for every ploy the Panthers have to throw at them. Fazel, despite the h2h record saying otherwise, has had the wood over Arjun in this game so far. But Aslam Inamdar is the man Pune should hail. He has quietly amassed seven raid points and has been key in keeping that score ticking. If Pune can manage a comfortable win tonight, it’ll do their standing and morale some solid good. Rahul Chaudhari leads the three-pronged raiding attack of the Panthers but they’ve been a bit shoddy in execution. Sahul Kumar is proving to be a proper tear in the defense for Jaipur and if they intend to persist with him, they need back-ups to plug that hole. An interesting half of kabaddi awaits as we know Pune has the capacity to bottle leads when they go under pressure or get a bit comfortable while we also know Jaipur has the grit to claw back and claw back hard.

17-11 Sahul Kumar is picked again as Pune finishes the first half with a six-point lead.

16-11 Rahul Chaudhari gets the bonus but Pune brings him down in the right corner. ALL OUT INFLICTED. JAIPUR ON THE BACKFOOT

13-10 Mohit Goyat comes in with a super tackle opportunity open for Jaipur. It finishes with Rahul Chaudhari being the one man on the mat. Mohit sends Ashish out and gets a touch on Lucky.

11-10 Yet another point goes Pune’s way. Mohit Goyat takes out Ankush, his pace sort of castling the Jaipur man

10-10 Puneri Paltan profits out of Sahul Kumar being on the mat yet again as Mohit Goyat runs over an attempted double ankle hold on him. Too easy even for an out-of-form Mohit. A 5 ft. jump from Mohit Goyat

9-10 Ajith Kumar focuses on the job at hand. He gets the featheriest of toe touches on Sombir.

9-9 Aslam Inamdar says he has a touch, on Sunil it seems. And he says, ‘Ground Kasam’ - Promise on the mat. Sunil vehemently disagrees. REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL. Jaipur loses its reviews for the game.

8-9 Arjun Deshwal keeps things simple and gets a bonus and heads back

8-8 Rahul Chaudhari can do no harm. Fazel Atrachali goes for the big man in a sort of big back hold. Rahul is too strong and he drag the Sultan to the midline to finish the touch. I wonder how it would have been if Fazel had some support here to pull that hand back

8-7 Aslam Inamdar, in the blink of an eye, gets two points. Sahul’s failed ankle hold and Abhishek’s failed dash gives an extremely quick Aslam Inamdar two points.

6-7 Ajith Kumar seems to have a touch and scampers back through the lobby. Fazel is adamant that there was no touch. Referees agree and declare the raider out. JAIPUR REVIEWS. Now, was this review required? Fazel seems clear but Ajith Kumar seem to have a touch on Rakesh Ram as he steps into the lobby. REVIEW SUCCESSFUL AND A FANTASTIC REVIEW AT THAT. Rakesh Ram heads to the bench

6-6 Fazel Atrachali makes that H2H 5-2 as he avoids Arjun throughout 90 per cent of the do-or-die raid, forcing Arjun to get a bit desperate. He then slides down for his legs and gets support. Pune is in with a plan.

5-6 Aslam chips in some more. A bonus point to his name.

4-6 Dubki fails. Nabibakhsh the raider. The right chain comes in. Sunil in the right cover is brilliant. No room to move.

4-5 Aslam Inamdar closes the gap a little more as he takes advantage of a higher tackle from Abhishek KS.

3-5 Arjun, in trying to avoid Fazel, tries to run for the right corner and thinks he has a touch but goes into the lobby without a touch

2-5 Mohit Goyat’s rut continues. Ankush goes early for Mohit Goyat’s legs on a do-or-die raid and Goyat has nowhere to go.

Arjun Deshwal has a 5-1 advantage over Fazel Atrachali in one-on-one battles. But he has largely avoided that left corner.

2-4 Arjun Deshwal keeps carrying on and takes out an uncertain looking Rakesh Ram

2-3 Fazel Atrachali sends Aslam Inamdar in after telling him NOT to go for the running hand touch. He does not need to as he converts an attempted thigh hold from Sahul Kumar to a point

1-3 Oh Jaipur has smartly take a point. Ajith Kumar takes out Sombir

1-2 After a few empty raids for Mohit and Nabibakhsh, Aslam Inamdar comes in and takes out Sahul Kumar in a do-or-die raid

0-2 Two points in two raids for Rahul Chaudhari. He takes out Sanket Sawant

0-1 Oh! The Rahul Chaudhari of old. He heads to the left and tumbles his way from a touch, through the lobbies and back to safety. And he takes out a big man. Aslam Inamdar.

Puneri Paltan have won the toss and Jaipur will raid first

Tried and tested combinations for both teams ahead of this crucial clash. On momentum, Jaipur has the edge. On bench strength, it’s Pune, but the smartest team on the mat will walk away with the win and the points tonight. Stay tuned for live action.


Puneri Paltan: Mohammad Nabibakhsh, Rakesh Ram, Sanket Sawant, Aslam Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, Sombir, Fazel Atrachali

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Arjun Deshwal, Sunil Kumar, Abhishek KS, Rahul Chaudhari, V Ajith Kumar, Sahul Kumar, Ankush

Puneri Paltan have looked a completely different unit after their captain Fazel Atrachali joined the team having missed the team’s earlier matches. The Paltans have three wins, two losses and a tie from their six matches so far. Aslam Inamdar has been in sublime form for them and is their lead raider with 55 raid points in six games. He has been well supported by Mohit Goyat who has scored 38 raid points and Akash Shinde also chipped in with 15 raid points. In defence, Fazel Atrachali has been the pick of the defenders for Puneri Paltan with 15 tackle points, while Sombir and Gaurav Khatri scored nine and eight tackle points respectively. 

From top performances to top duds, we discuss them all in our weekly PKL recap YouTube live stream. Check out this week’s analysis here:

Jaipur Pink Panthers, on the other hand, have been one of the most complete sides in vivo Pro Kabaddi Season 9 so far with five wins and a loss. With 65 raid points to his name, Arjun Deshwal has once again been the Panthers’ best raider this season. Rahul Chaudhari has started to look like his old self and has notched up 20 raid points. V Ajith Kumar has scored 19 raid points and will look to produce an impressive performance. Defensively, the Panthers have got the likes of Sunil Kumar and Ankush who have scored 23 and 21 tackle points respectively. Sahul Kumar has also scored 14 tackle points, seven of which came in his last game. 


Drew 34-34 with Patna Pirates

Lost 39-41 to Bengaluru Bulls

Lost 37-47 to Gujarat Giants

Beat U Mumba 30-28

Beat Telugu Titans 26-25

Beat Bengal Warriors 27-25


Lost to UP Yoddhas 32-34

Beat Patna Pirates 35-30

Beat Haryana Steelers 41-33

Beat Gujarat Giants 25-18

Beat Bengal Warriors 39-24

Beat Telugu Titans 51-27

HEAD-TO-HEAD | Matches: 18 | | Puneri Paltan: 6 Jaipur Pink Panthers: 10 | Tie: 2


Puneri Paltan: Fazel Atrachali

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Rahul Chaudhari

Raiders: Aslam Mustafa Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, Aditya Tushar Shinde, Akash Santosh Shinde, Pankaj Mohite, Saurabh
Defenders: Fazel Atrachali, Sombir, Akash Chaudhary, Badal Taqdir Singh, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Alankar Kaluram Patil, Rakesh Bhalle Ram, D Mahindraprasad, Harsh Mahesh Lad, Gaurav Khatri
All-Rounders: Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Govind Gurjar, Balasaheb Shahaji Jadhav
Raiders: Arjun Deshwal, Ajith V Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Bhavani Rajput, Nitin Panwar, Navneet, Devank
Defenders: Sunil Kumar, Woosan KO, Sahul Kumar, Reza Mirbagheri, Abhishek KS, Ashish, Ankush, Deepak Singh, Lucky Sharma, Nitin Chandel, Marimuthu Kamaraj
All-Rounders: Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade

Where can you watch Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink Panthers PKL 9?

Pro Kabaddi Season 9 will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 7:30 PM onwards on Tuesday, October 25.

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