Hockey World Cup 2023 HIGHLIGHTS: India finishes 2nd in Pool D; Netherlands, England, Malaysia win

Catch all the updates, results, and highlights from the FIH Hockey Men’s World Cup 2023 in Odisha.

Updated : Jan 19, 2023 21:17 IST

Sukhjeet Singh and Nilakanta Sharma in action against Wales at the Hockey World Cup 2023.
Sukhjeet Singh and Nilakanta Sharma in action against Wales at the Hockey World Cup 2023. | Photo Credit: Special Arranagement

Sukhjeet Singh and Nilakanta Sharma in action against Wales at the Hockey World Cup 2023. | Photo Credit: Special Arranagement

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India vs Wales, Hockey World Cup: Quarterfinals, crossovers qualification scenarios explained

Hockey World Cup 2023 Points Table

Which team will India play next in Hockey World Cup crossover?

India vs Wales (Match 20)


India will next play New Zealand on January 22 at 7 PM.


  • India finishes second in its group with the goal difference of England (the first placed team in Pool D) being higher.
  • Penalty corner for India, there’s no ‘keeper for Wales. Harmanpreet Singh does score finally. And India leads 4-2.
  • Wales takes off the ‘keeper Reynolds.
  • Manpreet falls as Shiperley, who receives a green card gives him a rough tackle. Wales down to 10.
  • Welsh captain Prosser lofts the ball up in the sky to help his team enter the Indian circle.
  • India asks for video referral and feel the ball hit defenders foot. India loses its referral.
  • Abhishek hits the goal but it is called a dangerous ball and the goal is not counted.
  • Francis gets possession of the ball inside the circle and Welsh players start to take control and pressurise India.
  • Pathak comes back again for India’s goal and manages to save one.
  • Mandeep passes to Sukhjeet, however, Reynolds saves his shot and Mandeep is not able to connect for a rebound attempt.
  • Akashdeep Singh scores after Sukhjeet steals the ball and passes it to him. India leads 3-2


  • India is unable to make use of entering the circle. The hooter blows.
  • There is blood coming out from Draper’s cheek and he’s taken away from the field.
  • Wales gets another penalty corner. Draper scores off a penalty corner rebound after Sreejesh saves the first attempt. Wales equalises 2-2.
  • Furlong scores Wales’ goal off penalty corner. India still leads 2-1
  • Shamsher Singh earns India another PC. Harmanpreet misses yet another one.
  • They fail to make use of the corner and is unable to get one off the rebound as well.
  • Wales lost its referral as Amit Rohidas falls down. and India earn a PC
  • Mandeep tries to pass it to Jarmanpreet, however, he fails to connect and the ball rolls away to the back line.
  • Green card for Wales’ Furlong. It will field only 10 players for two minutes.
  • Manpreet gets into the circle, doesn’t pass . After getting into the circle, he connects with Mandeep, who tries to get India a 3-0 lead but is futile.
  • PC No 4 for India. Manpreet Singh also misses the conversion.
  • Harmanpreet fails to score another one out of penalty corner and he’s substituted as soon as the PC is done. Is this a point of concern for the Indians as the main drag-flicker is unable to convert PCs?
  • Wales get their first penalty corner. Sreejesh is back and Furlong flicks it wide as Sreejesh dives to his left.


  • Shamsher is sole goalscorer for India as the men in blue lead 1-0 at half-time.
  • Mandeep Singh enters Welsh circle, however flicks it towards Reynolds, who kicks it out the back line.
  • Jones intercepts and leads Wales charge to the Indian circle. The shot goes wide as the Indian fans let out a sigh.
  • Shamsher Singh scores and flicks the ball charging from outside the circle after the penalty rebound is unsuccessful. India leads 1-0
  • Mandeep Singh was pushed inside the penalty circle and India earns a Penalty corner.
  • Vivek goes for a long pass searching for a connection in the circle. However, the ball is not connected and enters the goal. It will not be considered a goal as it wasn’t scored inside the circle.
  • Jarmanpreet stands outside, Harmanpreet flicks but the Wales defenders stop it with ease.
  • Samsher, Akashdeep and Abhishek attempt their luck in the Wales circle. They end up earning penalty corner
  • Change in goalkeeper for India as Krishan Pathak replaces Sreejesh.


  • Both the teams haven’t scored yet, but the hooter sounds the end of first quarter.
  • SAVE! Mandeep Singh attempts a shot, Reynolds saves. Akashdeep attempts a rebound of the shot, but the Wales ‘keeper stops that as well. India misses a golden opportunity to score.
  • Nilakanta Sharma enters the Welsh circle, however, Reynolds saves it. with his left foot
  • Wales is pressing and not allowing Indians to attempt circle penetrations easily.
  • Indians are more than happy to increase the pressure on Wales.
  • 221 caps for Akashdeep Singh as he falls down with a Wales defender.
  • Reynolds-Cotterill saves as the Indians start its attack as soon the whistle is blown.
  • The teams enter the field and the anthems are being played.


India defeated Wales 4-1 in Commonwealth Games 2022.

Spain vs England (Match 19)



  • Hooter goes off and England defeats Spain 4-0
  • Wallace almost scores another one for England.
  • A green card for Spain as Vizcaino will be sitting out for two minutes. Ansell flicks the ball into the goal and England leads 4-0.
  • Wallace drives it through the Spanish defenders using the right flank and Bandurak deflects the ball into the goal. England leads 3-0
  • Wallace drives it through the Spanish defenders using the right flank and Bandurak deflects the ball into the goal.
  • Clapes charges through the English D, however, failed attempt to find a deflection leaves the ball rolling near the backline.
  • England captain Ames aims a counter attack, but flicks it wide.
  • Spain’s ‘keeper Rafi saves the corner shot attempt.
  • The play starts and England starts with a PC due to a body touch by the Spanish defenders.


  • No addition to the scoreline, as the hooter goes off ending the third quarter.
  • Spain earns a PC with an arial ball. However, Spain captain Miralles shoots one wide.
  • Spain creates high press, but England intercepts. Sam wards fails to connect in the circle and the ball goes off the back line.


  • It’s half-time and England leads 2-0
  • England feeling the heat as Spain keeps attacking with Payne saving most of the attempts.
  • Goal awarded to England as its not a dangerous ball! Condon deflects the ball passes to him near the goal. England leads 2-0
  • ALMOST. Curiel nearly does it for Spain, but misses the goal narrowly.
  • Spain takes the ball and charge using the right flank
  • England keep referral as the the ball hits the Spanish player in the circle. However, England misses the opportunity to score its second goal in the game.


  • Hooter goes off and England leads 1-0 at the end of first quarter.
  • Plenty of stick clashes as Cunill takes the flick.
  • Payne saves an attempt to score a goal by Lacalle.
  • Wallace gets a PC for England. Phil Roper scores off a rebound. England leads 1-0
  • Marc Vizcaino tries to get some defection from his teammate in the circle but is unable to do so.
  • Spanish defenders intercept England attack in its D and take the ball possession.
  • Menini is unable to connect with a Spanish player in the English circle and the ball goes out of the back line.
  • England takes early ball possession attacking via the right flank.
  • The two teams enter the field and the anthems are being played.


England defeated Spain 3-2 in the 2021-22 FIH Hockey Pro League match.

Netherlands vs Chiles (Match 18)

In its final Pool C match, three-time winner Netherlands scored its 13th goal in the 48th minute against Chile at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar to go past Australia’s 12-0 win over South Africa during the 2010 edition. (READ MORE)



  • Whistle is blown and what an amazing performance by the Dutch! World Record for Netherlands as they thrash Chile 14-0!
  • Captain Brinkman scores a hat-trick as Chile is down by 14 goals!
  • Dutch come forward as Hoedemakers tries to go past the Chile ‘keeper, however, fails to do so.
  • Chile down to 10 players for two minutes as Hurtado gets a green card.
  • PC for Chile, but fails to make it count.
  • PC for Netherlands! It touches the feet of a defender. Consecutive PCs for Dutch, Beins scores its historic 13th goal in the World Cup. It’s the most goals scored by a team in World Cup match.
  • 12th goal for Netherlands as Bijen scores a brace in this high goal scoring fest for the Oranje.


  • Whistle blows and its relief for Chile!
  • Janssen scores his fourth goal of the match as Purcell fails to block the ball that comes towards him! Netherlands leads 11-0!
  • Netherlands launches counter attack as Blok scores off a rebound and its 10-0!
  • Four out of the nine goals scored by Netherlands was scored in the third quarter.
  • Brinkman assists as Bijen deflects the ball and its 9-0. The most goals scored by a team this World Cup.
  • Its 8-0 as Pieters scores! Netherlands leads and equalled the most goal difference this World Cup (Australia 8-0 France)
  • Two consecutive PC’s for Netherlands. Third time is a charm as Janssen gets his third goal of this match. Netherlands leads 7-0.
  • Brinkman scores a brace with a tomahawk hitting the far post. Netherlands leads 6-0


  • Croon gets the Dutch a PC. Janssen flicks and gets his brace of the match. Dutch lead 5-0.
  • Hoedemakers’s goal was disallowed as it touched the body.
  • The Dutch captain Thierry Brinkman from the far post scores his team’s fourth goal.
  • Janssen tries to score by flicking it to his right, it is saved by Araya.
  • Left flank of the Dutch seems strong as a PC is awarded. However, they get another PC.
  • Within the span of a minute another goal via a deflection is scored by Thijs Van Dam. The Oranje leads 3-0
  • Netherlands’ Jonas de Geus passes the ball to Derck de Vilder, who is not marked by any defenders. Dutch leads 2-0
  • The two teams intercept each others attempts of passing.


  • Netherlands leads 1-0 at the end of first quarter.
  • Netherlands with other PC, Bijen flicks the ball high and it flies away from the goalpost.
  • Martin Rodriguez tries to score after entering the Oranje’s circle, however, fails.
  • Netherlands penalty corner conversion is unsuccessful, Chile takes the chance and tries to attack, but fails before reaching the Dutch circle.
  • First penalty corner of the game and for Netherlands. Janssen gets Netherlands’ first goal of the competition as the ball is flicked in the right side bottom corner. Dutch lead 1-0.
  • Araya saves two attempts by the Oranje.
  • Thierry Brinkman takes the ball, the Dutch run into the Chile circle. Chileans move it away from the circle.
  • The two teams enter the field with the national anthem being played.
  • This is the biggest ranking difference ever seen in the World Cup!


New Zealand vs Malaysia (Match 17)



  • NZ asks for a video referral saying the defender is not five meters away. The video says otherwise and Malaysia gets its first win over NZ in men’s hockey world cup.
  • Aminudin is seen lying down. NZ gets their ‘keeper off yet again, after they get him back after scoring the second goal.
  • Hiha swings the ball wide. A missed chance for NZ.
  • Penalty corner for NZ as there is a back stick by the Speedy Tigers. Malaysia seek a referral as they ask for a stick instead of a foot. NZ gets a long corner instead of a consecutive PC.
  • Hasan passes it to Faizal Ansari, who scores after New Zealand ‘keeper comes in close on him with three minutes to spare. Malaysia leads 3-2.
  • Was the yellow card the game changer? Penalty corner for NZ. And a combination of Simon Child and Sam Lane ensure New Zealand equalises the goal score.
  • Phillips scores a goal as it hits Faizal Saari to enter the Malaysian goalpost. New Zealand gets one on the board!
  • NEW ZEALAND TAKES ITS KEEPER OFF FOR ANOTHER PLAYER! A move seen quite often during the last few minutes of the game.
  • A CHANCE FOR NEW ZEALAND! Simon Child is blocked by Azuan Hazan leading the Malaysians to take the ball.


  • Malaysia leads 2-0 after third quarter
  • Malaysia gets yet another penalty corner, Razie Rahim gets one off his flick and the ball hits the right hand bottom corner of the NZ goal post. Malaysia leads 2-0!
  • Green card for Sumantri and Malaysia are a player down for two minutes.
  • Double clearance by Leon Hayward, who cut Malaysia’s attempts to score a goal.
  • Penalty Corner No 4 for Malaysia.
  • Lane finds Hiha but the attacks break down inside the circle and the Black Sticks are unable to convert yet another opportunity their way.
  • Lane and Child exploit the space given by Malaysia, however, fail to attack the goal.
  • NZ has 14 circle penetration in comparison to Malaysia’s 5 at half-time.


  • Hasan gets a green card with the whistle blowing signalling half-time.
  • Irfan passes to Shello in the circle, however is stopped by the NZ players who attempt to counter attack.
  • NZ’s circle penetration is stopped by the Malaysian defenders.
  • Another PC for Malaysia. Aminudin takes the flick, but it slips away from the goalpost.
  • Greentree steals the ball and launches a sole counter attack, Simon Child attempts a tomahawk to score a gaol, however, is unsuccessful.
  • Defence seems shaky on the NZ side as Malaysia gets a PC. They are unable to capitalise as Razie flicks it to Marhan to deflect it, but failes to hit the target.
  • WHAT A CHANCE FOR MALAYSIA! Shello almost gets it in before Dixon, the Kiwi goalkeeper saves his attempt twice.
  • New Zealand starts off with higher press.


  • Even though NZ was dominating the field Malaysia comes from behind.
  • Faizal slightly touches the ball in the Kiwi circle after Shello’s pass outside the circle. Malaysia leads 1-0.
  • Woods foot touches the ball in the Kiwi circle. Penalty corner for Malaysia, Razie Rahim misses.
  • Humidity in Rourkela and Bhubaneswar will play a vital role in the matches today.
  • Faiz Jali leads the Malay attack, but they fail to enter the NZ circle.
  • The Kiwis seem to have the upper hand as the Black Sticks dominate ball possession in the first half of the first quarter.
  • Russell flicks the ball, but it goes wide by a mile.
  • Whistle comes to Malaysia’s rescue as Othman saves one. However, a PC in favour of the Kiwis.
  • The match starts and the two teams start aggressively.


New Zealand defeated Malaysia 3-1 in the Ready Steady Tokyo Hockey match.


On paper, India will be firm favourite to win, and win big, against Wales in its final Pool D match in Bhubaneswar on Friday. The gap between the two teams is evident in every possible way – ranking, experience, legacy, expectations, support. It’s the last two ones that will be what India coach Graham Reid calls dual-edged swords. That and the danger of crossing the faint, barely visible line between confidence and overconfidence.

READ: India to focus on own strengths, go big against Wales

After playing their first two league matches in Rourkela, the teams landed in Bhubaneswar on Monday and have been sweating it out at what has virtually been their home for the past few years. The injury to Hardik Singh was a dampener but things are looking better for the youngster for future games. The 15,000-capacity Kalinga Stadium is expected to be packed and while Wales did face the crowd in Rourkela, this would be the first time the Welsh would feel the full force of it, playing against the host.

India team
P.R. Sreejesh, Krishna Pathak, Jarmanpreet Singh, Surender Kumar, Harmanpreet Singh (Captain), Varun Kumar, Amit Rohidas (Vice Captain), Nilam Sanjeep Xess, Manpreet Singh, Hardik Singh, Nilakanta Sharma, Shamsher Singh, Vivek Sagar Prasad, Akashdeep Singh, Mandeep Singh, Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Abhishek, Sukhjeet Singh
Head Coach: Graham Reid
Wales team
Toby Reynolds-Cotterill(gk), Rhys Payne(gk), Gareth Furlong, Daniel Kyriakides, Hywel Jones, Ioan Wall, Steve Kelly, Lewis Prosser (captain), Dale Hutchinson, Jacob Draper, Gareth Griffiths, Rhys Bradshaw, Rupert Shipperley (captain), Fred Newbold, Ben Francis, Luke Hawker (captain), James Carson, Jack Pritchard
Head Coach: Daniel Newcombe

India’s defence has come good against tougher opponents so far in the competition and will be looking to maintain the momentum against Wales without getting complacent. The Indian forward line of Shamsher Singh, Abhishek, Sukhjeet Singh and Mandeep Singh will be looking to finally find their shots on target although it won’t be easy – the Welsh were overwhelmed in their first two games but not without a gritty defensive display. And India’s penalty corner conversion, the one area of concern for the host, will be tested. As of now, India’s actual win margin requirement will depend on the result of Spain vs England match earlier in the day.

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Of course, the best option for India vis-a-vis the other Pool D game would be Spain defeating England. That would not only see Spain leapfrog into second position but also leave India to manage just a win to top the Pool without bothering with the number of goals. Spain has had one win so far but the youthful side has been impressive in its confident and tactical play and will not be an easy opponent for its European rival. At the same time, England’s woes with penalty corners has continued, making any bets on the result of the face-off risky.

Where to watch the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches?
The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup matches will be telecast live on Star Sports First, Star Sports Select 2 HD, Star Sports Select 2 SD. The same will be streamed live on Disney+ Hotstar.


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