Patna Pirates 44-57 Bengaluru Bulls Highlights, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Bharat shines as Bengaluru hand Patna 13-point loss

Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls, Pro Kabaddi League 9: Catch highlights, scores, updates and commentary from the PKL fixture at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad.

Published : Dec 07, 2022 18:30 IST

Catch all live updates from Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls game.
Catch all live updates from Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls game. | Photo Credit: PKL

Catch all live updates from Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls game. | Photo Credit: PKL

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the ProKabaddi fixture between Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls in Hyderabad on Wednesday.

Action has not yet ended for the night. Follow: Tamil Thalaivas vs UP Yoddhas, Live

The first encounter is underway, scores will read as Patna vs Bengaluru:

FULL-TIME UPDATE: Bengaluru Bulls beat Patna Pirates 57-44

44-57 Bharat goes in the last raid of the game and has been tackled by Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj. But that does not matter as the Bulls have won the game with a hefty margin of 13 points against Patna.

43-57 Anand Tomar gets a tag on Mahender Singh to reduce the deficit but the gap is so big that these one-pointers would not bother the Bulls much.

42-57 A  SUPER RAID from Bharat to complete his 20 raid points from the game in the dying minutes of the game as he picks up Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj and Shivam Chaudhary along with a bonus.

42-54 Ranjit Naik in the raid, and he comes back with a multi-point raid to send Saurabh Nandal and Neeraj Narwal back on the bench.

40-54 A bonus for Bharat.

40-53 Repeat raid for Daniel Odhiambo, as he gets another tag on Mahender Singh.

39-53 A bonus for Neeraj Narwal but he has been tackled by Sunil. And with this, Patna  INFLICTS the first all-out on the Bulls.

36-52 Daniel Odhiambo gets a tag on Mahender Singh.

35-52 A bonus for Neeraj NArwal.

35-51 Daniel Odhiambo takes the point of Saurabh Nandal.

34-51 SUPER RAID from Neeraj Narwal to take a bonus along with two touchpoints of Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj and Monu.

34-48 Ranjit Naik goes in the raid and picked up Sachin Narwal.

33-48 A bonus for Neeraj Narwal.

33-47 Daniel Odhiambo came in for Aman as a substitute and straight away picks up Aman.

32-47 Bharat has been sent to the bench this time as Sunil came first to hold him from the back, and later others joined him to airlift him and thump him down.


31-47 Bharat goes and straight away sends the young lad Anand who just took a super raid.

31-46 Anand Tomar comes out of nowhere and creates carnage for the Bulls to come back with three touchpoints. A  SUPER RAID for him but he wants more as Patna reviews this one, asking for a bonus as well. The recap shows he might have crossed the bonus but no, the third umpire didn’t think so as the review is unsuccessful, still a  SUPER RAID for Anand.


28-46 15th point for Bharat as he gets a tag on Monu.

28-45 Ranjit Naik goes in the do-or-die raid, but Saurabh Nandal was ready for him to pounce on him and tackle him for another point.

28-44 Vikash Kandola, who came late as a substitute for Aman goes in the do-or-die raid and comes back with the touchpoint of Chiyaneh as he jumps above him to send him out.

28-43 Rohit Gulia came in the raid in front of the two-men defence as Mahender Singh pounces on him to  SUPER TACKLE him for two points. 15 points lead maintained.

28-41 Mohammadreza Chiyaneh tackles Sachin Narwal this time.

27-41 Substitute Ranjit Naik goes in the first raid and comes back with the touchpoint of Neeraj Narwal.


26-41 The duel continues as this time Chiyaneh comes with a chain to tackle lanky Bharat.

25-41 Sachin of Patna, in return, tagged Ponparthiban Subramanian in the do-or-die raid.

24-41 Sachin Narwal goes in the do-or-die raid, and he comes back with the touchpoint of Neeraj Kumar.

24-40 Sachin of Patna picked up Aman in the raid.

23-40 Sachin Narwal goes back to the touchpoint of Sunil.

23-39 Rohit Gulia has been tackled this time as it is Aman who pounces on him.

23-38 Bharat win the duel against Mohammadreza Chiyaneh, yet again to tag him and send him out.

23-37 Rohit Gulia is scoring for fun in this passage of play as he gets a tag on Ponparthiban Subramanian.

22-37 Gulia pikced up Mahender Singh this time.

21-37 A bonus for Sachin Narwal.

21-36 Rohit Gulia takes the point of Saurabh Nandal.

20-36 A bonus for Sachin.

19-36 Sunil tackles Neeraj Narwal.

18-36 A bonus for Sunil, but Ponparthiban Subramanian tackles him to  INFLICT THIRD ALL-OUT on the Pirates.

17-33 Bharat takes the point of Monu as Patna is being reduced with only one man on the mat.

17-32 A bonus for Rohit Gulia but has been tackled by Saurabh Nandal.


16-31 An error from Mohammadreza Chiyaneh as Sachin picks him up this time.

16-30 Rohit Gulia picked up Mahender Singh while raiding.

15-29 Sachin Narwal goes in the do-or-die raid for the Bulls and gets a tag on Neeraj Kumar.

15-28 Mahender Singh tackled Sachin, who came in the do-or-die raid.

15-27 Bharat goes in the do-or-die raid, and came back with a double strike to send Sunil and Sajin C out.

15-25 Rohit Gulia picks Saurabh Nandal this time to reduce the deficit to 10 points.

14-25 Sachin goes in the do-or-die raid and gets a tag on Ponparthiban Subramanian.

13-25 A bonus for Bharat.

12-23 A powerful block by Sajin C to tackle Neeraj Narwal this time.

11-23 Rohit Gulia comes in the raid and picks up Sachin Narwal.

10-23 Mohammadreza Chiyaneh goes out of bounds while defending against Bharat as he takes his and Rohit Gulia’s point to  inflict a second all-out on the Pirates.

10-19 Aman goes in the raid and takes a bonus and a touchpoint of Aman while coming back.

8-19 Bharat gets a tag on Sajin C this time

8-17 Bharat touches Shivam Chaudhary.

8-16 A bonus for Anand Tomar.

7-16 Sachin Narwal goes in the raid and takes the touchpoint of Sunil.

7-15 Saurabh Nandal tackles Sachin this time.

6-14 Neeraj Narwal takes the touchpoint of Neeraj Kumar.

6-13 Rohit Gulia fails in the raid and he has been ushered off by Ponparthiban Subramanian.

6-12 Bharat is in no mood to stop today, he takes the point of Sajin C while raiding.

6-11 Rohit Gulia comes in the raid and touches Mahender Singh.

5-11 Mohammadreza Chiyaneh comes to the fore this time to tackle Neeraj Narwal.

4-11 Deja Vu raid from Bharat to remove Neeraj Kumar, once again.

4-10 A bonus for Monu in the raid but he has been tackled by Sachin Narwal which means that the Bulls have successfully  INFLICTED AN ALL-OUT on Pirates in the first five minutes.

3-7 Another point for Bharat as this time he uses his height and reach to come back with the point of Neeraj Kumar.

3-6 A bonus for Monu.

2-6 Bharat touches Sajin C this time.

2-5 Mahender Singh tackle Rohit Gulia to make it a three-point lead for the Bulls.

2-4 Bharat, this time, is successful to take the touchpoint of Sunil while raiding.

2-3 A bonus for Rohit Gulia.

1-3 Neeraj Narwal comes in the raid and targets Mohammadreza Chiyaneh to touch and send him out on the benches.

1-2 Aman tackles Sachin to trade off the points this time. Good tackle point for Aman to start.

1-1 Bharat for the Bulls came in the first raid of the game, and he has been thumped down by Sajin, who targets his legs and held him by his legs to take a point. A bonus for Bharat, though.

Toss Update

Patna Pirates won the toss and chose the court. Bengaluru Bulls will raid first.

Where they stand

Patna Pirates: 11th place, 50 points

Bengaluru Bulls: 3rd place, 68 points

Previous Encounter

Patna Pirates drew 31-31 with Bengaluru Bulls in the previous encounter on 23rd encounter.

Players to watch out for

Patna Pirates: Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh

Bengaluru Bulls: Aman

7:00, PM, IST, Lineups Out!

Patna Pirates: Sachin, Neeraj, Sajin C, Monu, Rohit Gulia, Sunil, Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh

Bengaluru Bulls: Sachin, Mahender Singh, Neeraj Narwal, Saurabh Nandal, Bharat, Ponparthiban, Subramanian, Aman

Head-to-head record

Played: 20 | Patna Pirates: 12 | Bengaluru Bulls: 5 | Tied: 3

Patna Pirates Form

Drew 34-34 with Puneri Paltan

Lost 35-30 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Lost 30-21 to Telugu Titans

Lost 26-54 to Bengal Warriors

Lost 33-32 to Tamil Thalaivas

Beat Dabang Delhi 37-33

Drew 31-31 with Bengaluru Bulls

Beat UP Yoddhas 34-29

Beat Gujarat Giants 34-28

Beat U Mumba 34-31

Beat Haryana Steelers 41-32

Beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-30

Lost 23-36 to U Mumba

Tied 33-33 with Tamil Thalaivas

Lost 27-30 to Dabang Delhi

Lost to Haryana Steelers 33-23

Lost 35-33 to UP Yoddhas

Lost 34-40 to Gujarat Giants

Lost 30-44 to Puneri Paltan

Bengaluru Bulls Form

Beat Telugu Titans 34-29

Beat Puneri Paltan 41-39

Lost 33-42 to Bengal Warriors

Lost 37-44 to UP Yoddhas

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 45-28

Beat U Mumba 42-32

Drew 31-31 with Patna Pirates

Beat Dabang Delhi 47-43

Beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-31

Lost 27-29 to Haryana Steelers

Lost 44-46 to Gujarat Giants

Beat Haryana Steelers 36-33

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 40-34

Beat Telugu Titans 49-38

Beat Gujarat Giants 45-38

Lost 33-35 to Puneri Paltan

Lost to Bengal Warriors 38-41

Beat Dabang Delhi 52-49

Lost 25-45 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Beat UP Yoddhas 38-35


Patna Pirates

After a rather underwhelming season that’s seen it win seven, lose 10 and play out three ties, Patna Pirates will be hoping to end the league stage on a positive note. It will need its main raiders Sachin (172 raid points) and Rohit Gulia (138 raid points) to be on top of their game and lead from the front to beat the Bulls. Defensively, Mohammadreza Chiyaneh will be their biggest weapon as he looks to add to his 74 tackle points this season. Sunil (37 tackle points) and Neeraj Kumar (29 tackle points) will also hope to chip in with some solid tackles come Wednesday.

PKL 9, week - 8; raiding form, team performance and the race to the knockouts - we’ve discussed it all in our weekly Pro Kabaddi League live stream. Check out the full stream below:

Bengaluru Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls, on the other hand, has already qualified for the playoffs and will be looking to continue with its winning momentum having managed 12 wins, seven losses and a tie so far. Their biggest threats in the attack have been Bharat (237 raid points) and Vikash Kandola (110 raid points), while Neeraj Narwal has looked good for his 77 raid points this season. In defence, Saurabh Nandal has been their main man with 58 tackle points, while Aman isn’t far behind with 47 tackle points. Skipper Mahender Singh and Neeraj Narwal have chipped in with 37 and 21 tackle points respectively.


Raiders: Sachin, Sushil Gulia, Vishwas S, Anand Surendra Tomar, Ranjit Venkatramana Naik, Anuj Kumar, Monu, Rohit, Sukesh Hegde
Defenders: Neeraj Kumar, Sunil, Thiyagarajan Yuvaraj, Naveen Sharma, Manish, Shivam Chaudhari
All-Rounders: Rohit Gulia, Mohammadreza Shadloui Chiyaneh, Sajin Chandrasekar, Abdul Insamam S, Daniel Omondi
Raiders: Vikash Kandola, Bharat, Neeraj Narwal, More G B, Harmanjit Singh, Nageshor Tharu, Lal Mohar Yadav, Harmanjeet Singh,
Defenders: Mayur Kadam, Mahender Singh, Aman, Saurabh Nandal, Rajnesh, Yash Hooda, Naik, Rohit Kumar., Sudhakar Krishant
All-Rounders: Rahul Khatik, Sachin Narwal, Rajesh Narwal, Narender Hoodai


The Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru Bulls Pro Kabaddi Season 9 game will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 7:30 PM onwards on Wednesday, December 7.

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