Jaipur Pink Panthers 49-29 Bengaluru Bulls Semifinal 1, Highlights, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Jaipur thrash Bengaluru by 20 points to enter final

Pro Kabaddi Live Semifinal 1: Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru Bulls, Pro Kabaddi League 9: Catch the highlights, scores, updates and commentary from the PKL fixture at the NSCI Dome, NVP Stadium, in Mumbai.

Published : Dec 15, 2022 18:31 IST

Catch all the live updates from 1st Semifinal played between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengaluru Bulls.
Catch all the live updates from 1st Semifinal played between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengaluru Bulls. | Photo Credit: PKL

Catch all the live updates from 1st Semifinal played between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengaluru Bulls. | Photo Credit: PKL

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s coverage of the Pro Kabaddi semifinal fixture between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengaluru Bulls at NSCI Dome, NVP Stadium, in Mumbai on 15th December, Thursday.

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The first encounter is underway, scores will read as Jaipur vs Bengaluru:

FULL-TIME UPDATE: Jaipur Pink Panthers beat Bengaluru Bulls 49-29.

49-29 Rahul Chaudhari goes in the last raid of the game and comes back empty-handed to lead Jaipur to thrash Bengaluru Bulls by 20 points and becomes the first team to enter the final of PKL 9.

49-29 V Ajith Kumar goes in the do-or-die raid and picks up Aman to make it a 20-point lead near the full-time whistle.

48-29 Ankush tackles Sachin Narwal to make it a 19-point lead.

47-29 Another point for Jaipur in defence as Reza Mirbagheri dashes Vikash out for a point.

46-29 A bonus along with a touchpoint of Sahul Kumar for Vikash Kandola this time in the raid.

46-27 SUPER TACKLE led by Saurabh Nandal to hold Arjun Deshwal this time.

46-25 Ankush jumps on Neeraj Narwal, but he goes near the midline, but the rest of the defence came good to tackle him for a point.


45-25 Bharat goes in the raid and has been tackled by Reza Mirbagheri. The refs gave a bonus to Bharat, but the Bulls reviews this, asking for a bonus along with a touchpoint, but ironically turns out that Bharat did not cut the bonus line properly, so a bonus also has been taken away! Everything is going down south for Bengaluru today.

44-25 WOW! 10th TACKLE POINT FOR SAHUL KUMAR! He caught Sachin Narwal this time. This is unreal stuff from Sahul Kumar.

43-25 Ajith Kumar goes in the do-or-die raid but has been caught by Aman.

43-24 What is going on here? Ninth point for Sahul as he tackle Vikash this time.

42-24 Eight points for Sahul Kumar as he tackles Bharat.

41-24 Bharat goes in the raid and picks up Sunil Kumar.

41-23 Third point for Aman in the defence to tackle Arjun Deshwal.

41-22 Seventh point for Sahul Kumar in the defence as he thumps Bharat down this time.


40-22 Second point for Aman today as he tackle V Ajith Kumar this time.

40-21 A bonus for Bharat.

40-20 Sahul Kumar tackles Sachin Narwal but goes out of the lobby as one point has been awarded to both teams.

39-19 V Ajith Kumar goes in the raid, and one defender out of the two goes out of the bounds, and he touches the other and removes both Saurabh Nandal, and Aman to  INFLICT FOURTH ALL-OUT on the Bulls!

35-19 Vikash Kandola goes in the do-or-die raid but has been tackled by Sahul Kumar. The Bulls are getting near another all-out! Clinical by Jaipur.

34-19 Another point for Ajith Kumar in the raid to pick Mahender Singh this time.

33-19 Star of the night, Ajith Kumar picks up Ponparthiban Subramanian this time.

32-19 Bharat goes in the raid but has been tackled by Reza Mirbagheri.

31-19 A brilliant SUPER 10 from V Ajith Kumar as this time he goes in the raid and comes back with the point of Sachin Narwal via a running hand touch.

30-19 A bonus for Neeraj Narwal but has been tackled by Sahul Kumar to  INFLICT THIRD ALL-OUT on the Bulls.

27-18 V Ajith Kumar goes in the raid and picks up Ran Singh to leave the Bulls with just one man on the mat.

26-18 Ankush tackles Vikash this time to push Bengaluru near another all-out!

25-18 A gritty effort from Rann Singh, who led the charge along with Vikash Kandola to  SUPER TACKLE Arjun Deshwal for two points.

25-16 Another bonus for Vikash Kandola.

25-15 Another point for Ajith as he takes the point of Saurabh Nandal to reduce the Bulls with only two men on the mat! Second all-out coming?


24-15 A bonus for Vikash Kandola at the stroke of the halftime whistle.

24-14 Ankush tackles Bharat to make it an 11-point lead for Jaipur.

23-14 All the good deeds from the offence have been compensated by the defence as errors from Mahender Singh and Aman resulted in their touchpoints to V Ajith Kumar.

21-14 Vikash Kandola touches Sahul Kumar in the raid to reduce the deficit.

21-13 A point for Aman in the defence as he tackles Arjun Deshwal this time.

21-12 Make it three points in a row as V Ajith Kumar goes in the raid and touches Neeraj Narwal.

20-12 Back-to-back point for Jaipur now, as Sahul Kumar tackles dangerous-looking Bharat.

19-12 An error from Ponparthiban Subramanian as he conceded his touchpoint to Arjun Deshwal, who came in the raid.

18-12 Back-to-back points for the Bulls as this time Saurabh Nandal gets a point of Arjun Deshwal in the defence.

18-11 Bharat goes in the raid and removes Rahul Chaudhari from the mat, the second time in the game.

18-10 Sachin Narwal comes in for Mahender Singh as a substitute and goes in the raid to avoid the Bulls from getting an all-out but Sahul Kumar ruins his raid as he pounced on him to tackle Sachin after letting him a bonus to  INFLICT FIRST ALL-OUT on Bengaluru Bulls.

15-9 Arjun goes in the raid and touches Saurabh Nandal to leave the Bulls with only Mahender Singh on the mat. All-out is near.

14-9 First point for second best defender of the league - Ankush as he tackles Vikash kandola.

13-9 Rahul Chaudhari goes in the raid and picks up Aman from the defence.

12-9 V Ajith Kumar goes in the raid and has been tackled by Ponparthiban Subramanian, but he goes out as well so a point is awarded to each team.

11-8 Neeraj Narwal goes in the do-or-die raid but could not escape from the hold of Reza Mirbagheri.

10-8 The defence is now coming good for the Bulls as this time it is Saurabh Nandal who pounces on Arjun Deshwal to tackle him for a point.

10-7  A SUPER TACKLE led by the dependable all-rounder Neeraj Narwal who led the charge to tackle V Ajith Kumar.

10-5 An aggressive approach from the defence of Jaipur as Reza Mirbagheri pounces on Bharat to send him to the bench.

9-5 Fourth point for Bharat as he is the only man in form for the Bulls. This time he takes the touchpoint of Sahul Kumar.

9-4 V Ajith Kumar goes in the raid, and there we go! First SUPER RAID from the game as he comes back with the touchpoints of Ponparthiban Subramanian, Aman, and Vikash Kandola.

6-4 Third point for Bharat in the offence as he gets Reza Mirbagheri this time.

6-3 V Ajith Kumar touches Mahender Singh in the raid.

5-3 Bharat goes in the raid and gets a kick on Rahul Chaudhari for a touchpoint.

5-2 Arjun Deshwal goes in the raid and comes back with a touchpoint of Ponparthiban Subramanian. A costly mistake from him.

4-2 A bonus for Neeraj in the raid, but he has been tackled by Sunil Kumar this time.

3-1 A bonus for Arjun Deshwal this time.

2-1 First point for Bengaluru Bulls in the game as Bharat, who came in the raid went back after getting a touch on Sahul Kumar.

2-0 A bonus for Rahul Chaudhari to open his account for the game.

1-0 Vikash comes in the first raid for the Bulls, and there we go! He has been tackled by the roaring defence, to open the account for the Panthers.

Toss Update

Jaipur won the toss and chose the court. Bengaluru will raid first.

Sportstar Exclusive!
Future Ahead?

The winner of this game will face the winner of the second semifinal in the final of PKL 9.

Where they stand in points tally?

Jaipur Pink Panthers: 1st place, 82 points

Bengaluru Bulls: 3rd place; 74 points

Previous Encounter

Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengaluru Bulls have won one game each in the group stage of PKL 9. Bengaluru got the better of Jaipur, winning 37-31 in the first clash, while the Panthers thrashed the Bulls 45-25 in the second encounter.

Players to watch out for

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Arjun Deshwal

Bengaluru Bulls: Vikash Kandola

Lineups Out!

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Arjun Deshwal, V Ajith Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Sahul Kumar, Ankush, Sunil, Reza Mirbagheri

Bengaluru Bulls: Vikash Kandola, Bharat, Neeraj Narwal, Mahender SIngh, Aman, Ponparthiban Subramanian, Saurabh Nandal

Head-to-head record

Played: 17 | Jaipur Pink Panthers: 8 | Bengaluru Bulls: 8 | Tied: 1

Jaipur Pink Panthers Form

Lost to UP Yoddhas 32-34

Beat Patna Pirates 35-30

Beat Haryana Steelers 44-31

Beat Gujarat Giants 25-18

Beat Bengal Warriors 39-24

Beat Telugu Titans 51-27

Lost to 24-32 to Puneri Paltan

Lost 27-38 to Tamil Thalaivas

Lost 31-37 to Bengaluru Bulls

Beat Dabang Delhi 45-40

Beat U Mumba 42-39

Lost 30-37 to Patna

Beat Dabang Dehli 57-32

Beat U Mumba 32-22

Beat UP Yoddhas 42-29

Lost to Puneri Paltan 32-39

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 41-26

Beat Telugu Titans 48-28

Beat Bengaluru Bulls 45-25

Beat Bengal Warriors 57-31

Beat Haryana Steelers 44-30

Drew 51-51 with Gujarat Giants

Bengaluru Bulls Form

Beat Telugu Titans 34-29

Beat Puneri Paltan 41-39

Lost 33-42 to Bengal Warriors

Lost 37-44 to UP Yoddhas

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 45-28

Beat U Mumba 42-32

Drew 31-31 with Patna Pirates

Beat Dabang Delhi 47-43

Beat Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-31

Lost 27-29 to Haryana Steelers

Lost 44-46 to Gujarat Giants

Beat Haryana Steelers 36-33

Beat Tamil Thalaivas 40-34

Beat Telugu Titans 49-38

Beat Gujarat Giants 45-38

Lost 33-35 to Puneri Paltan

Lost to Bengal Warriors 38-41

Beat Dabang Delhi 52-49

Lost 25-45 to Jaipur Pink Panthers

Beat UP Yoddhas 38-35

Beat Patna Pirates 57-44

Lost 30-36 to U Mumba

Beat Dabang Delhi 56-24 in the 1st Eliminator


Jaipur Pink Panthers

After topping the standings at the end of the league stage, Jaipur Pink Panthers will be eager to continue its fine form this season in the semi-final against Bengaluru Bulls. The Panthers have already beaten the Bulls once in the ongoing campaign but they’ve also lost once against the southerners. They will be keen to get the better of the Bulls once again come Thursday and will be hoping that Arjun Deshwal (286 raid points) will be in top form. Deshwal has had support in attack from the likes of V Ajith Kumar (81 raid points) and Rahul Chaudhari (69 raid points). In defence, Ankush with 81 tackle points has been their best performer, while Sunil Kumar (58 tackle points), Sahul Kumar (43 tackle points) and Reza Mirbagheri (30 tackle points) have all made healthy contributions.

PKL 9: Playoffs preview. Who will make it to the final?- We’ve discussed it all in our weekly Pro Kabaddi League live stream. Check out the full stream below:

Bengaluru Bulls

Bengaluru Bulls, on the other hand, qualified for the semi-finals after beating Dabang Delhi in Eliminator 1. The Bulls will be confident about their chances and will hope that they can qualify for the final at the expense of the Panthers. To beat the Panthers, their raiding duo of Bharat (272 raid points) and Vikash Kandola (130 raid points) have to be at their best. Neeraj Narwal and Sachin Narwal are their next-best raiders with 90 and 37 raid points respectively. Defensively, Saurabh Nandal (68 tackle points) has been the team’s top performer, while Aman isn’t far behind with his 56 tackle points. Captain Mahender Singh and Neeraj Narwal have also chipped in with 44 and 21 tackle points respectively.


Raiders: Arjun Deshwal, Ajith V Kumar, Rahul Chaudhari, Bhavani Rajput, Nitin Panwar, Navneet, Devank
Defenders: Sunil Kumar, Woosan KO, Sahul Kumar, Reza Mirbagheri, Abhishek KS, Ashish, Ankush, Deepak Singh, Lucky Sharma, Nitin Chandel, Marimuthu Kamaraj
All-Rounders: Rahul Gorakh Dhanawade
Raiders: Vikash Kandola, Bharat, Neeraj Narwal, More G B, Harmanjit Singh, Nageshor Tharu, Lal Mohar Yadav, Harmanjeet Singh,
Defenders: Mayur Kadam, Mahender Singh, Aman, Saurabh Nandal, Rajnesh, Yash Hooda, Naik, Rohit Kumar., Sudhakar Krishant
All-Rounders: Rahul Khatik, Sachin Narwal, Rajesh Narwal, Narender Hooda


The 1st Semifinal between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengaluru Bulls of Pro Kabaddi Season 9 game will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar from 7:30 PM onwards on Thursday, December 15.

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